7 Reasons Why Blue World City is called Pak-China Friendly City?

Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is a significant housing project initiated by the Blue Group of companies that will be the first Pak China housing company in Pakistan developed in collaboration with the Chinese.

It is the cheapest residential project developed by Chinese investments. It has easy installments in size, making it popular with investors; its location close to the twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) is a plus point.

The project is being developed to create a new shopping hub in Pakistan. Blue World City will be the first private housing company to be recognized as a PakChina-friendly city.

This residential project with Chinese investment will provide a market for Pakistani and Chinese manufacturers with easy access to domestic and international buyers through CPEC; M2 Highway – Located near the new Islamabad International Airport.

It is located just on the main Chakri road, near the Chakri junction on the M2 Lahore, Islamabad, close to the sister city, with easy access to Islamabad airport. Bahria City, Green Gulberg, DHA, Bahria City, and others will be 2025 minutes away on the ring road.


Let’s find out who the developers of Blue World City are. The Blue World City project was founded by Saad Nazir ( the owner of Blue Corporation), son of Mr. Ch. Nazir (former Deputy Commissioner of Lahore. About the development work of Blue World City, MU was signed with Mr. Shan Jian City Engineering Company, China.

About BGC (blue group of companies):-

Blue Company Group was founded in 1998 in Lahore, began providing architectural and construction design services to its clients, and quickly gained clients’ trust. They gained a reputation as one of the most reliable companies.

The organization has since then grown and flourished with over three hundred professionals. And is of the maximum assorted groups running in Pakistan.

It offers several ranges of great services. Let’s find out some of them below.


  • Real estate
  • Development, construction, and marketing
  • Architectural design
  • IT support and commercial printing

Blue Group of Companies then tapped into the retail business. And it is now a proud proprietor of numerous comfort retail shops and garb brands.

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1. Investments and development:

Blue World City will build on the development of China and Pakistan, resulting in a unique housing project in Pakistan. Service and development will meet international living standards as well as the comfort of residents. Medical institutes, along with shopping malls and entertainment venues, will make this project a unique opportunity for both Chinese and Pakistanis.

2. Architecture:-

Green World City will be a masterpiece of Chinese architecture and will be built using modern Chinese technology. The master plan for the development of society and infrastructure will be inspired by the development of Chinese cities.

Past projects of a blue group of companies:

The Blue group of companies has completed a number of residential projects such as:

  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue technologies
  • PIA co-operative Society
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Blue mart

This is the latest real estate project officially launched by the Blue Group; after the completion of the ring road, commercial avenues such as Bahria Town, Gulberg Green, DHA, Bahria Town, and other projects will be removed from the ring road. Travel up to 2025 minutes.

Blue World City Awami Complex :-

Green World City first began to develop in the new Pakistan, given the economic status and purchasing power of the ordinary Pakistani who founded a residential complex called Awami Complex.

Blue World City Awami Complex offers ready-to-move villas for those who dream of their own home in Islamabad / Rawalpindi at a very affordable price. The Awami complex offers apartments and villas with the latest architectural designs to provide a better and more comfortable lifestyle.

The Blue World City Awami complex in Islamabad has a strong management team that carefully evaluates the needs of its clients. Based on this, their payment plan is a flexible plan allowing buyers to reserve apartments with a prepayment of Rs 120,000 and Awami Villa with a down payment of just Rs 220,000.

Blue World City Payment plan:-

Blue World City Payment is one of the crucial things, and should be considered before investing. Well, nothing to surprise with the attractive prices and other benefits you get in Blue World City. Blue world city Awami apartment has a five-year long-term payment plan with monthly and semi-annual payments so everyone can pay.

  • Prices are very low as compared to others.
  • Easy 5-year payment plan.

Blue world city blue hill country farm:

It can be quite stressful when dealing with the stress of hectic and challenging daily life. Quiet accommodation offers a serene and highly aesthetic environment that helps you stay calm so you can enjoy and live comfortably.

Blue Hills Country farm is a distinctive feature of the housing establishment, providing its residents with luxurious rooms and great views.

Blue Hills Farmhouse is ideally located in a quiet residential area in a beautiful location. Next to beautiful steam, the natural beauty of this place exudes a relaxing atmosphere. The best sites to live for those who crave privacy, comfortable and quiet life, especially away from the city.

Why booking in a blue-world city?

Now you may be thinking about Why you should invest and book your dream plot in Blue World City?. Well Blue World City provides a great opportunity to experience a peaceful life and enjoy a tranquil environment.

This high-standard place offers you the opportunity to live in luxury and manage your property with ease. Cottages are designed to provide privacy and tranquility wherever you go.

Enjoy nature at its best. Unlike other surrounding companies, farms have low rates and convenient payment packages. This is not only convenient for the buyer but also the safest investment opportunity. Breathtaking panoramic views only add to the breathtaking aura.

The impressive feature of blue world city:

The residential complex reflects the brilliant elements of Chinese construction and architecture. It has been specially designed to meet the unique housing needs of future residents while offering convenience and affordability.

The project is designed to accommodate approximately 2 million Chinese workers who will move to Pakistan in the coming years for the CPEC route project.

Taking into account the special accommodation needs of these foreign workers, the housing project was planned with an emphasis on international infrastructure and facilities. Provides first-class amenities for Chinese residents.

Blue World City Overseas block:-

The block that has gained a lot of reputation in the development of Green World City is the Overseas block. The result of this property offers many attractive features and best-in-class infrastructure as well as high-quality housing.

The purpose of this property is to provide these people with luxury accommodation to enjoy the same amenities and maintain their standard of living while living in Blue World City.

The Overseas block offers commercial and residential plots. A themed water park will have shopping malls and a multinational street food company, as well as a private entrance, which is by far the best investment for Pakistanis outside the country.

The overseas block offers a limited number of residential plots for 7, 10, and 14 plots Marla Parcels 1 Kanal Parcel and 2 Kanal Parcels Reservation of these plots is carried out with an advance payment of 10% in 40 installments monthly.

3. Features of Awami residential projects:

Well, if you invest in this project, what are the benefits and features you can get here. I have found something really interesting, and a major reason to attract more consumers. Let’s check out each of the features that Awani Residential Projects offers you.

  • Security is essential for each and Awani Residential Project ensures to provide you 24/7 security to protect residents.
  • The next thing which comes the most foremost is Health. Awani Residential is doing outstanding work on this. And will develop polyclinics to improve the quality of health in the newly built city. A health club will also be created.
  • There will be a Central Park for residents of the complex of Awami.
  • He will represent international schools to maintain quality education in the city.
  • For entertainment purposes they also came strongly and made sure to provide you with high class facilities such as a swimming pool, shopping center, restaurant, gym, gaming garden, etc.

4. Copy of blue mosque turkey:-

Blue Mosque is at the beginning located in Turkey and turned into constructed all through the Ottoman Empire via way of means of Muslim Architects.

It depicts the distinction of classical structure and draws a massive quantity of travelers from all locations of the world.

The builders of Blue World City took thought of classical antique design and featured deliberate designs to construct a specific duplicate of this mosque as a signal of admiring and tribute to Islamic history, culture, and values in our country.

Other than that, this could shape the idea for vacationer sights withinside the newly constructed city. This mosque will undoubtedly decorate the splendor of Blue World City.

5. The influx of Chinese residential:

A large number of Chinese residents are expected to move to this society in the coming years. It was planned to build about 10,000 residents for Chinese workers in Green World City, and plans were made to create a plaza or plaza for them.

Options for whether they will be granted ownership or offered packages as part of an alternate game plan are still under management review.

Green World City is one of the first new projects in Pakistan, which is truly friendly to China from an economic point of view. This will unite the two peoples, create jobs, promote harmony and peace in the region, and open the door for other foreign investments.

6. Commercial hubs, schools, and colleges:

Especially for this area, the project is ready to become one of the largest commercial centers directly connected to the CPEC highway.

With its excellent location and commercial potential, it offers endless opportunities for investors. They are uniquely designed to transform it into a thriving residential and commercial area.

Key features of the plan include high-quality educational facilities, modern shopping boulevards, and international entertainment facilities.

7. Reason to invest in blue world city:

Here comes the foremost question; Reason To Invest In Blue World City and Why do you think you should invest in Blue World City? There are multiple reasons behind it, which we have already discussed a few of them. Housing projects require relatively lower incomes and will enable people with low incomes to own real estate. Standards for your family and enjoy first-class amenities. Let’s dive a bit under this topic and check out the reasons to invest here.

Below are some more reasons to book your plot in Blue World City.

1.   Affordable Housing Investment:

If you are searching for something with pocket friendly plots then Blue World City could be your first choice, because it comes with an affordable price rate. Blue World City provides residential as well as industrial plots at less costly rates. Compared to different housing tasks and properties, it’s far pretty affordable. It is clear to observe that the installment plan encourages salaried and expected profits of human beings to spend money on it and feature high-priced accommodation for their families.

2.   Easy Installment And Payment Plans:

Blue World City also could be for the best who believes in paying in installments. You can avail attractive easy installments and payment plans. Blue World city offers straightforward and convenient three and four years payment plans. The number of installments relies on the full worth of the property. For the people’s practicable practicable and ease, there are multiple plots and properties choices, and folks will book in keeping with their money capability and ease. This makes society a perfect place to take a position and optimize its savings.

3.   Has All The Modern Facilities:

What makes Blue World City an ideal investment and place to live are the amenities and facilities on offer. In addition to the basic facilities like gas, water, and electricity, Blue World City will have other facilities like amusement parks, cinemas, shopping malls, and others. Exclusive clubs for residents. For the people who invest in it, it is nothing less than an opportunity to ensure a peaceful and luxurious life for themselves.

4.   Peaceful And Green Environment:

The housing project has a new, tranquil space surrounded by a picturesque green landscape that creates a more natural, stress-free living. Since it is far from the city’s mainstream, it is less polluted; it is green and healthy housing for families, close to nature, it is an ideal place for families. So your search may end here if you truly believe in Peace and green environments.

  1. Numerous Business Opportunities.
  2. High Return On Invest.
  3. Sense Of Security.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):-

1. Who owns the blue world city?

Blue World City is a Blue Company project owned by Saad Nazir and developed by the Chinese construction company Shan Jian City Engineering Company.

2. Does it have any payment installment plans?

The short answer is yes, it offers you some attractive plans. Blue World City offers simple monthly payment plans designed to make investing easy for everyone. Payment by installments for 3 and 4 years is possible. So you can choose the most convenient plans according to your needs.


The project is developing slowly and is expected to take considerable time to create and prepare residents fully. However, once completed, it will be a residential area and boulevard.

Provides an international standard of living and a healthy environment for its residents. This is an ideal investment for low- and middle-income citizens who can generate significant returns in a few years in the early stages of development.

The return on investment and investors can be used to live and run a business. Blue World City is the first residential project launched in partnership with a Chinese company.

This is an example of Pak-China friendship; it is also an example of a high standard of living with an intelligent investment.