Sialkot Motorway City (Updated 2022) Payment Plan, Location

Sialkot Motorway city

Are you going to invest in Sialkot Motorway City? here is everything that you need to know. This amazing housing society is located in Sialkot and provides you with all the top-class features and amenities. Currently, for people who’re looking to invest their money in real estate, nothing can be better than Sialkot Motorway City. 

Before moving into the business it’s essential to tell that the complete project is approved by the TMA with fully acquired land. This housing society ensured the delivery of high-tech facilities and residential and commercial properties on EMI systems.

Another reason behind the popularity of this project is the location. The location of Sialkot Motorway City is Wazirabad Road near Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange. Currently, the development process is under construction so sooner we will update you concerning the opening of this incredible project. 

For your information, Maz Developers are the owners of this lovely society. There is no need to introduce Max Developers for their work because they have already delivered and constructed world-class housing projects in the past. 

Investing your money in this project can earn you a huge profit in the future. I believe you have a good idea about this amazing housing society, let’s move further to the guide and unlock every aspect of this new project.

About Sialkot Motorway City

Before diving into the business, let’s take a brief idea about this project. After going through the about section, you will have an overview about this housing society. Sialkot Motorway City will gain huge popularity in the market because of its location, developers, and the amenities it offers. The location of this project is Wazirabad Road near Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange. The developers are already known for providing a high-standard living. 

Along with that, it’s also the 13th largest city by population and investors are already trying to get the plot in the project which is increasing its popularity rapidly. Now let’s jump into the detailed guide to unlocking all the features and benefits an investor can get in this amazing housing project. 

Let’s move to the advanced details of this amazing project. Below we will talk about various aspects such as the location of this, payment plans, Master plan, Developers, and many others. Let’s find out who is developing this project?

Who Are The Developers Of Sialkot Motorway City?

As we discussed above the builder behind Sialkot Motorway City is Maz Developers who own a 5G group of companies. They have already done a remarkable job by producing popular and world-class projects in Islamabad and other parts of the country. 

The 5G group and Maz are the leading developers in the country and after noticing their past performance they take the responsibility to build another housing society that is Sialkot Motorway city. There is no doubt that once this housing society will be ready for living it’ll provide all the modern facilities and amenities to the residentials. 

The developers are known for delivering quality work and on-time delivery because of their professional and experienced team. After so many facilities and amenities, all we can consider is that SMC is one of the high-return real estate projects which can gain you a great amount of return on your investment.

What Is the Exact Location Of Sialkot Motorway City?

Location is one of the key aspects of any real estate project, the location should be easily accessible and the required amenities should be nearby. The location of the project decides the future value of the project. 

If the location of the project is in a prime location then it is for sure the value of the properties will touch the sky. And the SMC doesn’t disappoint you in this scenario. This project is located near the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange. Who doesn’t want to stay surrounded by lush green fields? Everyone does. 

SMC is properly connected with the major part of the city and roads. Let’s find out the exact distance of Sialkot Motorway City.

  • It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach Daska.
  • To reach Lahore from SMC takes around 1 and a half hours.
  • 10 to 15 minutes to reach Sambrial by driving.
  • The distance between Lahore Sialkot Motorway Interchange is 1 minute.
  • Sialkot Clock Tower is about half an hour away by driving.
  • Sialkot Airport is also 15 minutes away from this housing society.
  • To reach Wazirabad from society takes around half an hour by driving.

Note: These are the leading places in the City, and you can access the Sialkot Motorway City society easily. 

Sialkot Motorway City Master Plan

Sialkot Motorway City is one of the popular housing societies that have so much potential to lead the country. This amazing society has already been approved for NOC by TMA. 

The developer has already started the Phase I work with the heavy machinery, team, and experts and is expected to complete this very soon. The project offers investors the option to book the residential and commercial plots with an attractive installment system. Investing the money in Sialkot Motorway City can return a huge profit because of its prime location and amenities. 

The master plan has confirmed that this project has been divided into two phases. Phase 1 consists of various types of Marla like 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marta with 427 residential units. Currently, the developers are planning to launch Phase one and will be available for sale sooner. And Phase 2 may take up to 1 year. 

Benefits of Sialkot Motorway City

As of now, we have understood the basics of Sialkot Motorway City like NOC, Developers, and others. Let’s jump to the Benefits section and understand what benefits you can avail yourself of in the SMC? Here are some of the facilities and amenities.

  • The management provides 24×7 security for the residentials.
  • Complete a Gated community.
  • High power street lights make it easy for people to wander in the night as well.
  • Green belts.
  • Neat and clean and bigger road to vehicle.
  • Approved by the TMA (NOC).
  • More than 100 feet main Boulevard.
  • Mosque.
  • All the electric work has been done underground.
  • High tech schools and colleges to improve the education system.
  • The apartment has implemented shopping malls and supermarkets.
  • Within the apartment, the investor can enjoy various foods as they have included a Food Court.
  • Sui gas.
  • Well-designed sewerage system.
  • To provide better health, various hospitals, and research centers.
  • Playground, community center, and Mini Golf course are also included in the society.
  • Included Gym, movie theater, Laundry service, parking areas, and many other things.
  • Payment schedule of 4 years.
  • A good space left for parking.
  • Advanced apartments.
  • High-tech technology.

If you’re wondering to spend your money in this project we can say that, SMC is a great place to spend your money as it offers top-class features and facilities, and most importantly the location of this is Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange which enables the investor to access the society from anywhere in the city. 

The project comes in 2 Phases, the first will begin soon, and Phase II may launch in the next year. If you’re looking to buy a commercial or residential property then Sialkot Motorway City can be a good choice.

Sialkot Motorway City Payment Plan

Now we have reached one of the crucial parts of any property which is the Payment Plan. A property can be safe, best, and comes with the best features but if the price of it is out of budget it can be useless for many. 

Most users consider the pricing of the plots before making a decision to buy. Luckily SMC is safer, secure, and provides you best amenities but also the pricing of the residential and commercial plots is very pocket-friendly. 

The main reason behind its popularity is the location that is near the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange. The owner and management disclose the pre-launch price for residential. Let’s find out below.

Size Of The PlotPriceAdvance35 Months Installment6 Bi-Annual PaymentsPossession

Why Should You Invest In Sialkot Motorway City?

Now the important question arises is why should you invest your money in Sialkot Motorway City? Well, it’s a common question that investors look for the answer to. As we discuss in this guide, investing in real estate is one of the great investments you can make. 

The pricing of the properties is touching the sky and in the future real estate could give you the best return on your investment. When it comes to investing in Sialkot Motorway City then let us tell you that this project is developing in two Phases; Phase I and Phase II. Currently, the management will begin Phase I only and the next year Phase II also comes into the game. 

Furthermore, this housing society enables you with world-class features and amenities. And it has included many other amazing features like Gym, Movie Theaters, Shopping Malls, and many others. Plus this project is fully approved by TMA. 

The developers ensured to provide the best education by adding Schools and Colleges, for better treatment of various types of medical machinery and expert doctors. The owner of this project and the developers has confirmed that the number of residential plot In this housing society will be 42. Currently, the developers offer Different plot sizes which are following;

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Because of all these features, we can say that this is the best place to invest your money that can return you a high profit as soon as both of the Phases are launched.

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What Is Motorway City Sialkot Launch Date?

Important thing for any real estate developers to complete the project as soon as possible. The developers of Sialkot Motorway City have a professional team of architects and engineers, they work smoothly and quickly to deliver the desired results. The developers confirmed that this project will be launched on Eid-Ul-Fitr 2022. Phase I will begin sooner, and Phase II will be launched once the Phase runs smoothly. We can expect the developers would not take it too long. We will update you as soon as an official update is released from the authority.

Salient Features of Sialkot Motorway City

Apart from that here are some of the Salient features that you should definitely know before taking step in. Let’s find out what are the Salient Features you get when you book a plot in this housing.

  • Different sizes of commercials and residentials plots are available.
  • The project is completely approved by the TMA (NOC).
  • The developed land is fully acquired.
  • Phase I won’t take longer to launch, however Phase II seems to be launched next year.
  • Well known developers are developing this project.
  • Convenient payment plans of three years.
  • Possession within a short time of period (6 months).
  • Marketing handled by the Naama Group.
  • 120 Feets wide front on Lahore.


Sialkot Motorway City is one of the fantastic housing societies that enable users to book residential and commercial plots at affordable prices. It offers installment options to the users so that they can book plots as they desire. The developers behind the Sialkot Motorway City are Maz Developers who own the 5G group of companies. 

They have already shown their capabilities by producing high-tech societies in the past. The 5G group and Maz are the leading developers. The owner has confirmed that users can book various types of plots in the society like 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal with a total of 42 units. 

The developer of this housing society tried to provide all the top-class facilities and amenities. The best thing that can happen for investors in this project is the location, this society is located near the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway Interchange and users can access it anywhere in the city. 

You can scroll up to find the exact distance of this project from multiple leading parts of the city. In this detailed guide, we tried to provide the spot details about Sialkot Motorway City so that you can make a wise decision to choose the best plot for your needs. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the same feel free to use the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is Sialkot Motorway City approved by TMA?

Yes, the Sialkot Motorway City housing society is approved by TMA (Town Municipal Authority) License No. TC/SMB/21/217. You can book your plot here without any fear and take the early advantage.

2. How many interchanges are there on the Sialkot Motorway?

According to our resources, the Motorway Sialkot has seven points and Lahore Sialkot has its interchanges to connect the rural and various modified areas from the city. You can choose any of them according to your needs and budget. 

3. Is investing in Sialkot Motorway City a good investment?

As per the features, facilities, and amenities Sialkot Motorway City offers to its investors it is considered a good investment. Another thing to keep in mind is the Location. Society is accessible from all leading parts of the city. We can say that it’s a great choice of investment.

4. What is the Sialkot Motorway City payment plan?

Sialkot Motorway City enables its investors with multiple payment plans and installment facilities. They have 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal starting from 4,250,000 and going up to 17,000,000. To find the detailed payment plan, you can scroll up and find the payment section.

5. What is the name of the Sialkot Motorway City owner?

This project is brought to you by Max Developers. They are a well-reputed name in the city and delivered many amazing apartments, housing societies, and housing buildings in various parts of the city.