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How to Buy & Sell Plot Without Visiting Pakistan ?

There are many confusions about the property sale when it comes to selling files of a plot in any society for overseas Pakistanis. The two main questions that trouble them are the following.

  • Can my relative sell my file if he/she has it in possession?
  • How can I sell my property if I am not in Pakistan and cannot come to Pakistan?

Well, here, you’ll know the answers to both questions. So, read on. It will educate you.

Can Your Relative Sell Your Property File?

The answer to this question depends upon the file type.

There are two types of files in the Real Estate market of Pakistan. One is an open file, and the other is a file in your name. Your relatives can sell the open file if they have it in their possession. It’s because there is no name on that file. However, if the file is in your name, then your relative cannot sell them, even if they have it in their possession. You have to be present while selling your file or give the power of attorney to your trusted person. So, it’s better to buy property files in your name. This way, you are more secure.

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How Can You Sell Your Property If You Are Outside of Pakistan?

You have to issue a power of attorney to a person that you can trust. It’ll be on legal stamp papers, and you have to sign it and attest it. Next, you have to send the power of attorney documents to the foreign office of Pakistan, Then, your trusted person has to receive the power of attorney from the foreign office. The foreign office will attest to the power of attorney and give it to the named person. After that, your trusted person will have complete authority to sell your property on your behalf. This power of attorney will stand in every court, and no one can challenge it.

Wrap up

We hope that you find the answers to your questions. For more Real Estate information, keep visiting our blog. Have a great day.