Capital Smart City Overseas Block

capital smart city overseas block

Capital Smart City Overseas Block

CAPITAL SMART CITY OVERSEAS BLOCK is for the foreigner populations, Capital Smart City​ is the first one to build a high-class block for foreigners. It has marvellous sites and amenities, and it’s a​​ house favourite of both its residents and investors alike.

The Overseas Block of Capital is going to be a special and contemporary experience for people who value privacy and safety, but also love having fun! Taking full advantage of the modern world, Overseas Block of Capital will provide you with all the amenities. 

If you wish to be one of the first in Pakistan to make your dreams come true then you should hurry up to secure these flats that will surely be a haven for one’s family and oneself.

Owner & Developers of CSCI:

Capital Smart City Islamabad is an effort between Future Holdings Developments and Habib Rafiq (Pvt). 

They are a company that has completed several real estate projects across Pakistan, including DHA in Islamabad and Bahria in both Sargodha and Sahiwal. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad draws its inspiration from historic cities around the world, especially downtown.

Each subdivision of the city will be designed and curated with historically-inspired architectural styles. As a tribute to Pakistan’s remarkable history, Malaysian development company Future Holdings is collaborating with Habib Rafiq (Pvt) on this project.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a collaboration between two renowned real estate companies; Future Holdings Developments and Habib Rafiq(Pvt). Habib Rafiq (Pvt) has been responsible for huge developments in this particular real estate industry. 

They are developers of a town housing Bahria schemes in Islamabad as well as many other cities, including DHA in Karachi, Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal respectively.

Capital Smart City Map

Capital Smart City Islamabad is located in the city of Islamabad and is accessible from any part of the country. It will be made by Habib Rafique, Pakistan’s leading smart city developer and is designed by Surbana Jurong, Singapore’s top strategic master planner. 

The project will be a first for the Commonwealth of Independent States which will surely attract international investors who are interested in smart cities

Location of Capital Smart City Overseas Block

Overseas Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad comprises 5 Marla & 10 Marla plots. It is located along Main Boulevard at First Overseas block, District 1 & 2, Sector D3 of Capital Smart City Islamabad. Overseas Block in Capital Smart City Islamabad is being developed by the top real estate developer Northern Property Homes Islamabad for Non-Resident Pakistani Nationals.

Capital Smart City Overseas Block adds another dimension to the city’s growth. The plot will be a prime location in Sector D and surrounded by other facilities, including a sports complex, theme restaurants, and clubs.

Overseas block construction

Capital Smart City is also interested in aspects of what makes any big city tick: infrastructure. They want to give society a steady, 24/7 supply of power, to support progress and development. In terms of transportation, they want to give people efficient options for moving around at wills, such as bikes or cars. 

They will also do work on improving the ways that pedestrians move about the city, whether by adding more bike lanes or providing guidance on how to maintain safe roads.

Capital smart city Total Area

Capital Smart Society’s Master Plan of 88,000 Kanals covers 54,000 kanals already. It will be the biggest housing society in Islamabad and will be located close by to the new Islamabad International Airport One of the most important ways to be smart with your finances is to develop a budget. 

It’s an excellent way to start so when you have formulated a budget, it’s time for making sure that you follow through on it. Capital Smart society covers 55,000 kanals of land across ten different plots which are side by side. 

The project is close to the new Islamabad International Airport and a short distance from the grand China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which will stretch through Pakistan and lead from Gwadar to Kashgar in western China. 

Capital Smart City will be the largest housing society in its area. Additional land will be added to this huge project over time along with several other buildings to come!

Features & services of Capital smart city overseas block

Securing your family’s future in a safe and green environment has never been more attainable. Located on the outskirts of Islamabad, this new development offers all amenities like schools and clinics just steps away from your doorstep, as well as recreational parks that ensure its residents are constantly surrounded by greenery; yet it is still conveniently located inside one of Pakistan’s largest cities for work or play! 

A secure gated community with underground infrastructure consisting of electricity water gas lines ensures 24/7 access to quality services without interruption. If you’re looking for an exclusive retreat where safety always comes first, then don’t wait any longer: visit Boulevard now while spaces last!

The first and foremost priority of this city is keeping it clean. The expert management team takes into account all aspects when they plan the work schedule for street cleaners, garbage collectors, load shedding free zones with card or IR controlled entry to keep people safe from theft as well as physical security measures like cameras which are in place 24 hours a day so you can feel completely at ease while going about your business here. There’s also a gardening department that looks after the green areas on every corner of town – be sure to stop by one!

Optional features for overseas block

Installed a new centralized cooling system with a carbon monoxide sensor, water leak sensors, and smoke detectors. Additional indoor cameras, as well as outdoor camera monitoring, are also available for purchase to provide more security when you’re away from home or at night time.

With the automated curtain rail systems, curtains can be automatically lowered in an emergency if needed by triggering one of these devices, allowing everyone inside to feel safer no matter where they are within your property’s boundary lines!

NOC and Planning Permission

The NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad is in process. The first NOC granted to society is currently under revision due to the additional land acquired so the society is awaiting its NOC for the revised plan for the extended blocks in the society. It should be complete soon and we’re all very excited to see what happens next!

Why Invest in Capital Smart City Overseas Block

The overseas block is of high significance in the Capital Smart City housing project. It depicts acknowledgement and appreciation for all the hard work and effort Pakistani citizens living abroad have provided for our country. Capital Smart City is providing overseas Pakistanis with an opportunity to invest in their homeland.

A significant component of the capital smart city housing project is the overseas block. This block acknowledges and appreciates all of the efforts made by Pakistani citizens in other countries for their homeland. 

As a public-private sector initiative, our country’s first investment opportunity will benefit both local and overseas contributors irrespective of whether they are contributing directly or through an agent. 

To make such projects as smooth as possible at every stage online booking has been introduced from wherever they are living in the world so that investors can proceed regardless of their location.


The society will provide its residents with employment opportunities.

As a smart city, Capital Smart City will bring jobs to Pakistanis – including employment opportunities in an incredible revolutionary form in the world. 

Not only are these jobs essential for the economic growth and strength of Pakistan, but they’ll also mean that more people have stable finances; which means they can invest back into their communities.


Society is designed to make any community a wonderful place to live. Schools, playgrounds, public transportation, and leisure spots are often set up around residential areas in desirable communities. In doing so, people can enjoy communal living as well commercial, business and leisure activities with the members of their community.

The social architecture in the society is designed in such a way that it creates a resilient social structure, necessary for allowing the people to enjoy an alluring and peaceful living while also creating a hub for commercial, residential, and recreational opportunities.

The peaceful societal environment here has created a setting in which it is appealing and easy to live and enjoy life, as well as be a hub for many different opportunities – including business, living arrangements, and recreation.


Capital Smart City will provide the modern urban infrastructure that supports traffic on its roads while ensuring pedestrian safety and commutes with bicycles.

Capital Smart City is striving to achieve the development of a sustainable transportation system to ensure that there are networks available for road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and other mobility needs. Society will introduce state-of-the-art transport infrastructure which has high efficiency.

Capital Smart City is working to achieve an integrated transport system. Society wants to give road users, pedestrians, cyclists, and other mobility-related tools a modern, up-to-date transportation system. We strive to improve this network of infrastructure with higher efficiency and make it easier for everyone to get around as smoothly as possible.


By becoming a world-class destination, Capital Smart City will be a trademark of uniqueness and heritage. With new landmarks being built in the society such as cultural and religious centres.

The society will become an iconic destination for both international and residents, with new landmarks built in the society with new religious and cultural centres, Capital Smart City will become a trademark of uniqueness and heritage. 

It will also include entertainment areas that provide cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, amphitheatres, restaurants, and cafes to help create memorable moments for the residents.

Society will be a huge obligation, standing for architectural excellence and religious and cultural advancements. The smart city will have new landmarks for the world to see and will serve as a trademark for what was once the highest expression of human innovation in the UAE.


RESOURCE MANAGEMENT In the master plan of Capital Smart City, natural resources such as water and electricity were considered essential in shaping the design of the city. 

Together with an advanced waste management system, this has helped to create an eco-friendly environment where people from all around the world can live and enjoy life.

Blocks in Capital smart city

Executive Block

A banker in a large city decided to build out extra services for its clients ahead of launching their new project ‘Executive Block’ in the city. The executive block includes extra services such as underground parking, increased lighting inside, and top-quality housing for both investors and renters alike.

Capital Smart city launched a development block for their client’s families. The block is known as the “Executive Block” and was launched during a ceremony on Sunday, May 2nd, 2019. Mr Luis Fernendez, who was the CEO of the company presented an opportunity to those who already own plots in the general block to have their own homes built within this Executive Block, however, only for a short while.

The township provided an opportunity to convert their plots into a semi-independent housing unit for a limited time. The conversion deadline was on the 24th of May, after which there would be an increase in price by 30% as well as any units not sold by that date would be given to other interested buyers or Residents who had applied earlier but could not come forward with the required amount at the time.

The officials offered the conversion of these plots for a limited time, May 24th was the last date of submission for this particular block and anyone who wanted to convert their plot will have to pay an additional price as well as an additional fee.

General Block

First, society started with a general block which eventually expanded into different blocks. The society now has different sizes of residential and commercial plots where people who want to settle down in this community can buy from 5 Marla to 1 & 2 Kanal plots in the society.

Possession of Overseas Block

Overseas plot ownership plan: The possession of the plots in this overseas block is expected to be granted by the first quarter of 2020. The investors who have committed to their payment plans should stay committed and pay their instalments on time so as not to face any delays in receiving their plots/blocks.

Required Documents for Booking in Overseas Block

To book a plot in Capital Smart City Overseas block, you’ll need 2 passport size pictures, photocopies of your NICOP card, and ID next-to kin or nominee. You will also have to pay the booking amount for the plot that you choose!