New Metro City Gujar Khan

new metro city

Today in this guide we are going to talk about one of the fashionable housing developments known as New Metro City Gujar Khan. The New Metro City Gujar Khan is located at New Metro City, Main Grand Trunk Rd, adjacent to AA CNG, Moza, Bhai Khan, Rawalpindi, Punjab 47851, Pakistan, and provides the investors with complete and high-tech features and facilities. 

After the comprehensive success of Gwadar’s Mega Housing Scheme and New Metro City Kharian, they decided to build New Metro City Gujar Khan. Alongside, this project is handled by the BSM Developers. In this guide we will explain many other factors about this lovely project such as the payment plan, developers, Master Plan, and others, so stay tuned till the end. 

New Metro City Gujar Khan comes with both residential and commercial plot sizes which start from 3 Marla and go up to 1 Kanal. Both the commercials and the other one are highly smart housing projects, so that investors can choose the best plot. Furthermore, they also offer you different kinds of features and modern types of amenities that will make your lifestyle even better. For a better and complete understanding go through this guide. Let’s begin the guide.

About New Metro City

New Metro City is a project that is developed by the BSM developers. There is no need to introduce the BSM Developers as they have already developed two popular projects called New Metro City Gwadar City and New Metro City Kharian. This is their third project that is known as New Metro City Gujar Khan. In this guide we’ll unlock New Metro City Gujar Khan is housing society located on the Main Grand Trunk Rd, adjacent to AA CNG, Moza, Bhai Khan, Rawalpindi, Punjab 47851, Pakistan. This housing society offers its investors a wide range of plots for both residents and commercials. 

Currently the owner of this project hasn’t disclosed the price but one thing we can assume after seeing their earlier project, the pricing of the plots will be affordable which we will discuss below in this guide. New Metro City ensured to provide investors with all types of modern facilities and a high-tech lifestyle. The area is fully captured by CCTV cameras, and high-tech hospitals, malls, schools, and colleges. In order to access the NMC, it hardly takes 10 to 30 minutes from any corner of the city. 

And most importantly it’s been approved by TMA and all other concerned departments. Now let’s move to the complete guide and unlock what are the benefits investors can avail themselves of in this society.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Location Map

Location is the most important factor for any real estate property, therefore let’s talk about the location of this project. This project is located on the Main G.T Road Gujar khan. Accessing the project from various parts of the city is easy, as we know GT road doesn’t require any kind of introduction and connects all the major parts of the district and city. 

To reach this venture from Gujar Khan city hardly takes 5 minutes to drive. If you belong to DHA Islamabad, then driving for 15 minutes will take you to the New Metro City. From Isalamabad city it will take around 20 to 30 minutes to reach here by driving. 12 minutes drive from Bahria Town, and 15 Minutes from Sohawa City. People who want to reach out to this project from Jhelum City, it will take a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes by driving. 

The investor can reach any part of the city from this location. Along with that, the benefit of New Metro City’s prime location is that investors have access to schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, and many others. Because of this prime location we can expect this one also going to be popular like the previous two.

new metro city map

Who Are The Developers?

Developers are important for any real estate project, the reputed developers can build the dream house and society for you. So, it is important to talk about the developers first. The development works of these properties have been done by the BSM Developers, if you’re able to remember the New Metro City Kharian, and Gwadar Gold City (One of the successful projects) was also developed by the BSM Developers. 

Before diving into the details let’s understand that the BSM developers come under Mr. Bilal Malik. The main motto of the developer is to deliver the desired project within a given time which fulfills all basic to advanced requirements of the investors. And the story is not different for New Metro City

The BSM has implemented all the top-notch features and amenities. In this project, investors get world-class features, residentials, commercial spaces, and other benefits that will surely enhance the lifestyle, which we’ll talk about later in this guide.

Features and Facilities New Metro City Gujar Khan Offers

Many people are very curious to know the features and facilities the project offers, Right? We won’t leave you halfway and provide you with the correct information about this. Let’s talk about the features and facilities that New Metro City offers to its investors. As we’ve already talked about the developers and their record, this project ensured to provide you with the most luxurious and prominent features that help the investors to live a healthy and peaceful life. The developer has aimed to include all the basic, essential and modern amenities along with a clean and green environment. Let’s talk about in detail what other benefits it offers and what other things are attracting buyers towards it. 

Salient Features Of New Metro City

  • High-rated Schools, Colleges, and Universities.
  • It has included the Bus Rapid Transport system.
  • High-tech and top-notch infrastructure.
  • Theme parks.
  • Multiple Shopping malls.
  • Multiple cinema theaters.
  • Various types of Resorts, and Houses.
  • Modern hospitality and professional doctors and researchers.
  • Dedicated Sui Gas station.
  • Medical Mall.
  • Grand Jamia Mosque.
  • Trampoline Park.
  • 24×7 power supply (Electricity)
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Largest Eiffel Tower in Pakistan.
  • The complete complex is covered by professional security guards.
  • The project is covered by a high-quality CCTV Camera with 24×7 recordings.
  • Urban features and Utilities.
  • Financial Square.
  • World’s top quality Hospital.
  • Clock Tower and community Center.

Master Plan Of New Metro City

The New Metro City project is near about 500 feet front on GT road and it was firstly launched mid of July 2019 with various types of offers and schemes plot sizes including 1 Kanal, 16 Marla, 14 Marla, 12 Marla, 10 Marla, 7 Marla, 6 Marla, 5 Marla, and 3 Marla. The developers (BSM) have already taken ample land for this project. 

Let’s understand the permission of this project, this housing project is completely permitted by TMA Gujrat. The project ensured to provide all the benefits and amenities to their investors within the society for a better and smooth lifestyle. This housing society delivered quality hospitals, schools, colleges, health care centers, parks, playgrounds, and other important stuff for investors.

New Metro City Payment Plans

So, we’ve reached the Payment Plans which are one of the most crucial things for any investors. As we discussed above in this guide, this housing society offers two types of plots to invest in, which are residential and commercial.

Residentials & Commercial Plots Price & Installment Details Of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

Currently, the developers and owner haven’t disclosed the price of residentials and commercial plots and their installments. But don’t fret, as soon as any update is released from the developers and owner’s side we will update you with the spot on price and installments plans for both commercial and residential plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan. Till then, stay tuned with us.

New metro city Payment Plan

Why Should You Invest In The New Metro City?

The real estate market is always touching the sky, because of its requirements and price. If the project is located in a prime location, like this one, no doubt the price will hike in the future. New Metro City Gujar Khan is one of the primmest locations and easily accessible from various locations of the city. Along with that, it also provides you with commercials and residential plots with attractive and high-tech features. 

So keep these things in mind, investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan can double the value of your money in a shorter time because of the reputed developers and their existing quality work.. We have tried our best to provide you with the complete details of this housing society. You can also do your own research before diving into the deal. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who owns New Metro City?

The developers of New Metro City are BSM Developers. They are a popular name in the real estate business and built a well-reputed name in the market. As they have already developed two successful and popular projects named New Metro City Kharian and Gwadar Golf City. You can trust BSM developers and their contractions.

2. Who owns Metro City Pakistan?

The developer company named BSM is owned by Mr. Malik Bilal Bashir who is the grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz. The successful housing projects Gwadar Golf City and New Metro City Kharian were developed by them and now they are going to produce New Metro City in Gujar Khan. They ensured to include all the features and amenities in the project so that investors can live a high standard of life.

3. What are the New Metro City plot sizes?

The New Metro City Gujar Khan project offers various types of plots on multiple plot sizes including 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal for residentials. For Commercials, they have 4 Marla, 6 Marla, and 8 Marla. Both the residential and commercial plots are available in easy installments like residential plots for sale on a 3-years price plan, and commercial plots can be availed on monthly EMIs.

4. How to book Plots at New Metro City Gujar Khan ?

To book plots at New Metro City Gujar khan, Contact us on : Office no. 25, 2nd floor Al Anayat Mall, G-11, Markatz, Islamabad, Pakistan (44000) or call us at : +92-336-885-2843 or Write us: [email protected]

5. Is society legally approved?

Yes, the New Metro City housing society is completely approved by the TMA. Therefore, without any fear you can book your residential or commercial plots in NMC.

Conclusion Of New Metro City

If you’re looking for the best place to invest in real estate then New Metro City Gujar Khan is a great place to invest your money and we can expect the pricing of this project will be hike sonner. On top of everything this project provides their investors with all kinds of high-tech features and facilities that are enough to make them feel rich and top of the sky. It has multiple plot sizes like 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal so that investors can choose the best one according to their needs and budget. 

On top of everything, it has developed on a prime location which is the New Metro City, Main Grand Trunk Rd, adjacent to AA CNG, Moza, Bhai Khan, Rawalpindi, Punjab 47851, Pakistan and is quite easily reachable from all corners of the city. Along with that, the developer of this project is BSM Developers which has already delivered and produced the popular projects named New Metro City Kharian and Gwadar Gold City that build even more trust for the investors.

Users can book their plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan and take advantage of all the high-tech amenities and facilities. Pricing is the key feature of any real estate, hence the developers and owner haven’t declared the price structure and investment plans yet. We can expect the pricing and investment plans will be released in coming months, till then stay connected with us to get the updates.

In this detailed guide, we explored popular places and society and covered almost everything. If you still have any questions or queries related to this feel free to contact us.