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The capital smart city is a marvelous housing project that will be first of its kind not only in Islamabad but also in Pakistan. The capital smart city has its uniqueness for being the first smart city in Pakistan and the only fourth in Asia. Due to its smart features and modern grade 8 development, it has become one of the most popular residential projects in Pakistan in a short time. It is providing an attractive opportunity for investment for both the nationals and overseas community. It is designed to become an eco-friendly and sustainable society.

The smart city has many remarkable facilities that make it a perfect place to invest and to raise your family.

Owner and developer of CSCI

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a joint project between Future Developments Holdings and Habib Rafiq (Pvt). Habib Rafiq Pvt. is a well-known company in the Real estate industry of Pakistan.  They have developed many notable projects including Bahria town and DHA in Islamabad. Moreover, they have done their housing projects in Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal, named Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sarghodha, and Royal Orchard Sahiwal respectively.

Future developments Holdings Pvt. Limited

Future developments Holdings Pvt. Limited also known as FDHL is a group association registered under Companies Ordinance 1984. Many national and international companies combined to form Future Developments Holdings Pvt. FDHL is a combination of some renowned management and technology groups including China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL) to work with combined expertise.

The company and sponsors have decades of experience in construction and development and have successfully delivered some of the best and renowned projects of Pakistan.

FDHL aims to provide advanced modern living experience in its esidential and industrial zones. These residential and industrial zones are directly connected with Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2) and areas around the CPEC Route.

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.)

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) is a construction and development group based in Pakistan which has developed some of the most impressive construction and engineering projects in the past. It has achieved international confidence and earned ISO 9000 certification due to its quality management process. Their remarkable success is the result of dedication, commitment to fulfill their customer demands, and both national and internal needs.

HRL has introduced a modern and better way of housing infrastructure and development in the last 15 years and is recognized as a respected name in the market.

Habib Rafiq Limited is considered as the name of honesty, trust, and professionalism. Any developer who works with HRL feels honored and lucky for being a partner of such an outstanding group.

Over the years HRL has been responsible for developing remarkable housing schemes such as Bahria Town and DHA in Pakistan. They have done the complete work including the responsibility of all the infrastructure of these societies i.e. construction of houses, electrical work, roads, water storage, mechanical work, gas supply pipelines, and also the planning services. And the greatness and popularity of these projects itself praise the ability of HRL.

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Profile

master plan of CSC

To gain great quality and meet international standards, The Master plan of the society was given to a Singapore based Consultancy Company named Surbana Jurong (SJ). It is designed by Norman Foster.

About Surbana Jurong (SJ)

Surbana Jurong is a reputed company having headquarter in Singapore. SJ is one of the famous and trusted Asia-based urban, engineering, and infrastructure consulting company. It comprises a global team of 16,000 employees, including architects, designers, planners, engineers, and other specialists working across 120 offices.

The team has the vision to design the cities into homes with satisfactory employment opportunities, where businesses and society can do well.

The master plan of Capital smart city is created on an organized method of development. It includes a limited range of facilities to provide new commercial, residential, and entertainment features in society.

The master plan includes the design of natural features in society as an important need. Also, the plan includes new infrastructure such as a public transport network with several stations and stops. A Central main road and a cluster of the high-rise building has been planned in the master plan.

The concept of a smart city is based on the idea of developing an advanced place that will provide a modernized place to live, work, and play, and attract foreign investment.


The whole master plan is divided into facilities that are classified in to separate districts and sub-districts. Besides, each district is set up with convenient public facilities. Names of districts included in Capital Smart City Master Plan are listed below

  • Overseas Block
  • Executive Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Panda Village
  • Aviation Village
  • Education District
  • Healthcare District
  • Lake-view Terrace
  • Hills Vista
  • Education City
  • Financial Square
  • Holiday Parks

Capital Smart City Map

Capital Smart City Location

The Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is located in the Rawalpindi Region of Islamabad, near the new Islamabad International Airport.

The society is located at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway at a distance of 9.2 km from M-2 Toll Plaza near Thalian interchange. Located on the eastern route of CPEC, it is only 5-6 minutes away from the new Islamabad airport. Housing societies including the Eighteen Islamabad, and Blue World City are in the neighbor of Capital smart city.

CSCI Total Area

The total area of Capital smart city is 55,000 Kanal. It is 10 times bigger than the neighbor society University Town. It will be one of the closest housing society to the new Islamabad International Airport that can be reached with a drive of 5 or 6 minutes. The master plan given by society at this moment is not final and will be extended over time. Additional land will be added to the project and several other blocks will be included in the project in the future.

Accessing routes

A capital smart city can be easily accessed through Main Chakri road from M-2 Motorway and via ring road in the near future. The society can be directly accessed to the surrounding areas through the national highway, Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway. It will also have an interchange from the motorway which has been approved by Frontier work Organization (FWO).

NOC and Planning Permission of Capital smart city

NOC of the Smart city is granted by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and it is one of the legal housing societies in the area.

You can check the NOC of capital smart city at 45th no.

Salient Features of Capital Smart City

The capital smart city is the first smart city in Pakistan. It will have many unique and modern features to its residents that have never experienced before. Some advanced and emerging technologies will be used to provide its occupants a great luxurious living. Some Notable features of the society are listed below

  • Eco-Friendly City
  • Advanced Security
  • Green and Clean environment
  • Metro bus system
  • Underground Electricity
  • 24/7 Water, gas & electricity
  • Smart apps i.e. traffic, weather, electricity, internet
  • Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs
  • Smart and modern Housing plan
  • World Class infrastructure
  • Overseas block
  • Mosques, Parks, lakes
  • Recreational Activities
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Move’n Pick hotels & Resorts
  • Designated interchange from M-2
  • Proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Facilities in Capital Smart City

The capital smart city is working to promote and bring development in the area by attracting future investments.  The idea of the project is to achieve a smart way of advancement in the living by bringing modern features for their residents in all the administrative services.

The major key factors introduced in the society along with their features stated by the Capital Smart City are listed.

  • Elements of a Smart City

A Smart City comprises of these elements to raise a modern community.


The aim of a Smart City is to provide a unique, sustainable development and services to its residents by modern administration. Capital Smart City Islamabad fulfills all the requirements of an impressive smart city including the following


The capital smart city will be the first commercial center in the region. It will be a center of international businesses and investors. These opportunities will facilitate its residents and provide numerous job opportunities. The society will also create a variety of commercial and service sector job opportunities, and so contributing to the economic condition of Pakistan.


The society is planned to create a pleasant social environment in the region so the people can enjoy a pleasing and peaceful living. It will emerge as a center for commercial, residential and recreational opportunities.


All the planners and workers are trying to make an easy and comfortable source for traveling inside and outside. A network for road users, connecting routes to main neighboring routes, pedestrians, cyclists, and other mobility need is being built with great advancements. The society will bring a remarkable transport infrastructure with higher efficiency.


The capital smart city will become an iconic place for both international and residents because of its unmatched structure and facilities. Its buildings and amenities will be a wonderful piece of modern architecture. New religious and cultural centers will be built. Capital Smart City will become a mark of uniqueness and heritage.


One of the basic reasons for introducing the smart city concept is to utilize resources in the best manageable way and to save them from wasting. Capital Smart City is designed in such a way that the infrastructure of the society is built to enhance the natural features of society and keeping the development as eco-friendly as possible. The advanced solid waste management system integrated into the society as well as the sufficient supply of water and electricity is one of the most important arrangements of this innovative housing scheme.


Being a smart city, the project has included the conservation of natural resources as a priority. From development to its competition, society ensures that the natural areas of the surroundings are not disturbed. So, Capital Smart City becomes a society where the residents can truly experience an environment of peace and calmness.

Capital Smart city residential Blocks

Overseas Block

The capital smart city announced the launch of its overseas block in the society at London Dorchester on 20th February 2018. It is the first housing society in Pakistan to have introduced a specially designed overseas block exclusively reserved for overseas Pakistani living abroad.

With this initiative, Capital Smart City has planned to offer a secure and valuable investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan. Being on prime location & having luxurious facilities, the overseas block has immediately become the heart of Capital Smart City.

Very soon, the block will become a desired residential place for Pakistanis who are living abroad.

To book a residential or commercial plot in the Overseas block of Capital Smart City, its application has to attach a copy of their or Overseas National Identity card along with all the other relevant documents.

Location of Overseas Block

Overseas Block of Capital Smart City is located in the upper area to the right side of the main boulevard of the society. It is located next to motorway M-2 and will be accessible directly via the proposed designated Interchange from the Motorway.

Plot Sizes & Price Plan of Overseas Block

The Overseas Block consists of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal plots that will meet the needs of Overseas Pakistanis.

Why Invest in Capital Smart City Overseas Block

The overseas block has significance in the Capital smart city housing scheme because the location of overseas block is near to the interchange on main M2 motorway. It represents appreciation to all the hard-working and patriotic Pakistanis living far from the homeland. The project is providing a safe and profitable place for overseas Pakistanis to invest in their homeland.

To make the booking process easiest as possible, online booking has been made available for the people who wish to invest in this project. Pakistanis can apply and book their place from where ever the country they are currently living in and will not need to come for the process.

Required Documents for Booking in Overseas Block

Following are the documents that are required for booking a plot in Capital Smart City Overseas block

  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 Photocopies of your NICOP or overseas residential proof
  • 2 Photocopies of Your next to Kin/ Nominee ID Card
  • Booking amount of the plot in favor of FDHL

Possession of Overseas Block

The possession of the plots in the overseas block of the society is expected to be granted by Dec 2020. The investors should carry on with the payment plan and pay the installments of the booked plan to avoid any delays in the possession and allocation of your plots.

Map of Overseas Block

Overseas prime Block

Capital smart city Islamabad is introducing ‘Overseas prime block’ which is another attractive place in the advanced housing society designed by Surbana Jurong. Located in the highest point of the community, the block is a combination of highly advanced and luxurious living. The overseas prime block has features above all the other blocks of the society. Not only its residents can view the whole community but also will enjoy the best living standard of the capital smart city. Charming views of lakes, rivers, the mountain range, and the PGA standard 18-hole golf course will give a highness feeling to its residents. The OS prime well connected with the main Chakri road through a 180-feet road entrance. You will find the beauty from its Roman-style grand entrance from the Chakri road.

All the streets will be 50 feet wide and the infrastructure will be exclusively leveled. All your daily needs and refreshments will be at 400 meters distance. Linear parks and gardens are planned in the block to give your family a healthy environment as well as a point of recreation. Being an international level block of smart city, smart type of vehicles will be used to connect you to the rest of the residency. QR coded bikes, Hybrid/electric cars, and our very own BRT system will be provided for your services.

The charming sights of OS prime block count itself into the most dignified place of the Smart City. It has scenic views of the following

  • Skyline of Capital Smart City
  • The Khairi Murat mountain range
  • Landmark buildings
  • The 18-hole GPA standard Golf course by Peter Harradine
  • All the lakes and rivers that are preserved within the city
  • Dancing fountain of the Crystal lake district
  • Chahan Dam
  • The Ferris wheel
  • F-2 race track
  • The artificial beaches at the lake view terraces
  • Water sports area

The overseas prime block offers a variety of residential plots. You can choose from 7 Marla to 40 Marla plots.

Payment plan for overseas prime block

Following is the complete payment plan of the block


Payment plan for overseas prime block

Executive Block

 The Officials launched “Capital smart city Executive Block” in the society on the 2nd of May 2019 at the launch ceremony of the society. It is specially launched for those who surely pay their installments on time. Besides, The Company also gives the opportunity to convert your General Block into an Executive Block.

Payment Plan of Executive Block

The payment plan of executive block is same as of overseas block.

Location of Executive Block

The Executive Block is situated in one of the best locations in Capital Smart City Islamabad. The block is located between River and Golf Course. Its excellent location makes it unique for living.

Map of Executive Block

Map of Executive Block

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General Block

Initially, the capital smart city started its booking with the general block of society. Also, it is one of the largest blocks in Capital Smart City and situated next to the overseas block. The block was further expanded and is consists of different sizes of residential and commercial plots ranging from 5 Marla to 1 & 2 Kanal plots.

Harmony Park- Capital Smart City

According to the update, a new block consisting of 3.5 Marla Residential Plots, 3.5 and 5 Marla shared villas and 2.6 Marla commercials has been launched at the most affordable rates to add another option for the buyers. The block provides an equal opportunity for investors who want to invest in the innovative housing project.

The block is launched by Capital Smart City to give the potential buyers a chance to be able to become a part of Capital Smart City, who were not able to invest before it due to the higher cost of properties offered.

The Harmony Park will offer the same facilities and development standards as the other blocks of the society, however, the property prices and sizes offered are comparatively lower and more affordable.

3.5 Marla Plot at Capital Smart City Price and Payment Plan
Note: 5% discount will be given on a 50% payment and a 10% discount on full payment.

3.5 Marla Plot at Capital Smart City Price and Payment Plan

The block is offering 3.5 Marla plots on a 3.5-year easy installment plan with only PKR 14000/- Monthly installment.

These 3.5 plots (dimensions 20 X 40), 90 Square feet. Are planned to be built in “The Harmony Park block”, next to the Executive Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Presents the Villas Apartments

Integrated with modern and luxurious facilities, the society has launched its The Villa Apartments in its Harmony Park Block.

These villas not only provide an affordable purchase but also offers you a unique opportunity to become a part of this advanced housing society and enjoy a high-class living.

Location of the Villa Apartments

The apartments are located at The Harmony Park at Capital Smart City. The beautiful and affordable block is dedicated to the Villa apartments and 3.5 Marla residential options.

The harmony block is planned to be built beside the executive block. It will enjoy the advantage of having a prime location and state of the art facilities.

Types of Villa Apartments

Capital Smart City Islamabad is introducing two types of villa apartments in Harmony Park.

  • 5 Marla One bed Villa Apartment-660 Square feet.
  • 5 Marla Two bed Villa Apartment-856 Square feet.

The external & structure of the buildings resembles that of Villas, hence are named The Villa Apartment. These apartment villas will comprise 3 floors, i.e. ground floor, first floor, and 2nd floor. Each building will have 2 neighboring apartments, so each building will comprise of 6 units.

Floor Plans of each of the villas are attached for your satisfaction.

  • 5 Marla (650 Square feet.) Villa Apartment Floor Plan
  • 5 Marla (650 Square feet.) Villa Apartment Floor Plan

The Harmony Park Villa Apartments Prices and Payment Plan

Villa apartment prices are much affordable as well as the payment plan is easy to get. These villas are available with a convenient payment plan of 4 years. The Bookings start from only 10% down payment along with by 10% confirmation charges after 30 days. While the remaining amount can be paid in monthly and quarterly or semi-annual installments according to your easiness.

The Harmony Park Villa Apartments Prices and Payment Plan
Note: 2.5% discount will be given on 50% payment and 5% discount on full Payment. Prices include development charges.

Category plots

Category villas are offered with extra charges.

  • 5% extra for a corner plot
  • 5% extra for Park facing and Main Boulevard road plots.

These Villa Apartments and residential plots are available in limited quantity within a very low price range. These plots and apartments are offered for a limited time so we suggest you don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity and book your Villa/plot today.

Commercial plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad

In addition to residential plots, the developers also offer a variety of commercial plots in society. A capital smart city aims to become a dynamic community along with self-sustainable and self-reliable resources towards its existence. For fulfilling the commercial needs and providing a variety of job opportunities to the residents, the society offers premium commercial plots ranging in many different sizes. Equipped with the latest facilities, it will be a perfect place to execute businesses in a modern way.

Location of Commercial Plots

Commercial sectors are located in different locations of different blocks. They are situated within following Blocks

  • General Block (4 Marla and 8 Marla)
  • Executive Block-I (4 Marla, 6 Marla and 8 Marla)
  • Executive Block-II (4 Marla, 6 Marla and 8 Marla)
  • Overseas Block-I (4 Marla, 6 Marla and 8 Marla)
  • Overseas Block-II (4 Marla, 6 Marla and 8 Marla)
  • Harmony Park (4 Marla and 2.6 Marla)

One commercial unit is present on Main Boulevard road, in high-rise buildings. It will be offered in the 3rd stage.

As the society master plan is designed upon Urban Township Model, so commercial units are placed very near to the residencies. Because of the importance of commercial units in a city, they are planned at a distance of 400 meters from residencies.

Sizes of commercial plots

The capital smart city provides Commercial Plots in the following categories

  • 6 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Initially, the developers offered only 2 categories of 4 Marla and 8 Marla. Later on, the 6 Marla and 2.6 Marla category was added.

Capital Smart City Commercial Payment Plan

4 Marla to 8 Marla plots is available in the commercial zones of the society on 3 years easy installment plan. Take a review of the payment plan.

capital smart city commercial payment plan

Category plots

Prices of the Category plots are higher than other plots. The following extra charges are applicable on category plots:

  • Main Boulevard (100 feet above) : 15% Extra
  • Main Road (41 to 99 feet) : 10% Extra
  • Facing Park: 10% Extra
  • Corner: 10% Extra

Villas in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Smart Villas are proudly being launched by Capital Smart City as a way to turn the dream of raising the standard of quality living to maximum extent into a reality. Smart villas are a way to start Smart Homes in Pakistan for which contemporary technology is being used to its full extent.

There are two types of Villas in Capital Smart city.

  1. Trivelles Smart Homes
  2. The Smart Villas by HRL

Trivelles Smart Homes

Capital Smart City has collaborated with Trivelles International, leading property development and investment in the UK to launch Pakistan’s first-ever Smart Villas in their housing project. These Smart villas will be built in the overseas block of Capital Smart City and will have highly advanced features of the apartment.  They will provide the best smart, advanced, and exceptional features to provide an ahead of its time living experience its residents.

Location of Smart Villas

The smart villas are planned to be built in the D-sector of Overseas Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad. These villas will have separate gated community and these villas have the advantage of having the best views in society. They are designed on location with some fantastic features and that other plots in the society don’t have.

Special Features and Facilities

These villas are classified as classic, premium, and exclusive categories. Each category is providing smart features as well as smart technology to its residents. You can choose them by their type and price.

Classic homes have attractive features such as custom tiles, cabinets, doors, windows, a furnished kitchen, and much more that are superior to ordinary homes.

If you wish to build your villa according to your own choice, you can choose a premium villa. Premium villas allow you to decorate and arrange your home on your terms and likes.

If you wish for an extraordinarily luxurious lifestyle, then you have another choice to choose an exclusive villa. These villas apartments are really smart, your home will be connected to your cell phone. You can control and monitor activities with your phone. You can also track traffic on roads and parking areas with your mobile.

Following are some advanced smart features of the villas

  • Smart switches
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Automated door lock
  • Gas sensor
  • Smart doors and windows
  • Magic box
  • Remote access via mobile phones
  • Smart motion sensors
  • CCTV outdoor & indoor cameras

Types of Villas

These villas offer you two categories from where you can choose from, 5 Marla Villas & 10 Marla Villas in all three categories. These are further categorized into two types of need and choice.

  • 5 Marla luxury villas
  • Abbey villas (5marla-3 bedrooms)
  • Strand villas (5marla-4 bedrooms)
  • 10 Marla luxury villas
  • Harley villas (10marla-4bedrooms)
  • Regent villas (10marla-5bedrooms)

The prices of trivelles smart homes smart are mentioned below for your easiness.

The Smart Villas by HRL

Smart Villas are basically Smart homes, which means that the home appliances and electronics are under your complete control via mobile phones, providing versatile home automation. Everything can be operated by one swipe from home security till room temperature and from gas sensors till motion sensors.

These Smart Villas will be the pivot point of modern development providing smart homes which makes full use of state-of-the-art technology to provide an ideal destination your heart always desired. These villas will give you the real experience of a luxurious and convenient life.

Location of Smart Villas by HRL

Smart Villas is ideally located in Capital Smart City Overseas Block and Executive Block.

In Overseas Blocks, it’s located in

  • A-Block
  • B-Block
  • C-Block

In Executive Block, it’s located in

  • B-Block
  • C-Block
  • D-Block

It will have the Crystal Lake on one side, and the 18-hole Golf Course to the other

Smart Features of Smart Villas by HRL

These Smart Villas are equipped with Smart features that provide a luxury never experienced before. It allows you to access your house remotely via smart devices.

The top salient features of smart villas include:

  • Smart Switch: Regulate lights and home appliances through smart mobile
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor: Through smart phone, operate your Air-conditioner to maintain or adjust the temperature of your room
  • Automated Door Lock: Control the lock system of your doors through smart phone while sitting at your workplace or anywhere.
  • Carbon Mono-oxide Sensor: Through advance Gas Sensors, get a prior warning and alarms of gas leakage.
  • Smart Doors and Smart Windows:To ensure the maximum security, doors and windows are equipped with sensors. In case of any intrusion, get a warning alert on your smart phone.
  • Magic Box: Regulate all your appliances through smart phone. Put an end to individual remote controls.
  • Remote Access:You can have a control of your home electronics and appliances through your own smart devices.
  • Smart CCTV Cameras:Whole indoor and outdoor of your home is secured by smart CCTV cameras. Have an eye at your house from anywhere in the world.
  • Smart Mirror:Touch sensitive large mirror in your bathroom will allow you to have access to your smart device like phone, tablet or laptop, it would be directly connected to your device.

Other than these, you will be able to open and close the curtains through Automated Curtain Rail System and even make them function automatically at a fixed time. Water Leak Sensors installed in smart windows and doors, which will close automatically if it rains. Moreover, the temperature inside the house will be kept moderate through Centralized Heating System through water installed on the roof, keeping in view the climate of Pakistan.

Types of Villas

Inspired by different architectural themes, Capital Smart City offers the following 3 types of luxurious villas designed as per your needs.

1. Contemporary Villas:

Contemporary villas are a perfect example of modern yet fashionable houses which allows light to enter through glass doors and windows. It has a unified interior ideal for open plan.

2. Mediterranean Villas:

Mediterranean Villas offer arched openings, terracotta roofs and wooden pergolas, which makes it a perfect blend of Italian and Spanish architecture.

3. Georgian Villas:

These villas offer symmetrical architecture with sliding glass doors and windows which provides a spectacular light atmosphere.


Damp treatment

New age / equivalent Electric Cables
A grade Bath accessories
Railings Stainless steel
Gas Operated water boiler
Underground Water tank with electric pump
Anti-Termite treatment 
(with 10 Years warranty)
A – grade electric fittings
Sanitary Items- Faisal/equivalent
Steel Safety Grills -Ground floor
A grade Ironmongery
Parking space Floor-Marble/tuff tile

Ceramic Floor tiles

Marble kitchen top
Aluminum frame-single glazed windows
Paint ICI/equivalent

Pre-finished pressed doors

Curtain Railings
Brick construction
Kitchen cabinets
Ducting for AC installation
Gas Oven in Kitchen
Overhead water Tank
Tiled floor open areas
Roof Terrace


Porcelain floor tilesDesigner fitted kitchenPlantation and Grass on ground floor open areas
Outer Walls and roof fully insulatedRoof Bar-B-Q placeAluminum frame-Double glazed windows
Fitted cupboards in each BedroomSanitary Items- Porta/equivalentWiFi in all areas of home
Granite Kitchen TopRoof storeGas Operated water boiler for each floor
Roof Garden with Artificial Grass and real plantsGlass Shower enclosureCentral cooling system-Non-AC


Smart Home gadgets packageAmazon Alexa ( Voice operated Smart Home assistant)Fully Air –conditioned
Granite/equivalent floor slabs at main entrance doorHome heating systemGranite/equivalent stair slabs

Services Provided By Management

These will be service-oriented villas. Moreover, management will provide ease and comfort and maintain the high standard of facilities and services. The salient services provided by the management includes

  • Maintenance of CCTV cameras
  • Maintenance of green area, street lights, roads, mosque and common area
  • Efficient garbage collection and disposal system
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Security and Surveillance through professional team

Developers are determined to provide community as well as individual level services to its residents including the maintenance of home appliances, swimming pool and plantation. In addition, daily house cleaning services, care hire, driver hire, chef hire and maid services, key holding and Airport pick and drop will also be provided.

Other than these, developers offering the villas with different finishing choices. Details of these choices listed below

Latest Development in Capital Smart City

The development in Smart City Islamabad is going on fast. The Officials have signed many agreements between the world-leading companies to bring advanced technology and modern features in the project. Services of Harradine golf are utilized to build an international standard 18- Hole Golf Course in the society. Besides, Movenpick will construct their Upcoming Hotel and resorts in the Capital Smart city to offer a pleasant service of hospitality in society. MOU with National Defense University has also been signed for the construction of the latest campus of the university in this unique housing society.

The development work has done with its initial stages at Capital Smart City, the progress has sped up in the last two months after the official launch of the project. The leveling and plotting of the land are near to completion with the help of modern and high tech machinery.

To fulfill the current need for water in the society, 4 tube wells are operational on the site. More than 200 heavy pieces of machinery are being used in the development of initial work.

The officials have decided to start development work in the overseas block. As it is located in phase 1 of the society, the overseas block is given priority. The work on the rest of the blocks will be started very soon. The Major development status of society is presented below.

Carpeted Network of Roads

To provide easy traveling and transportation is a priority in the master plan of the capital smart city. For the sake of good transportation, the construction work of the concrete carpeted roads has been started while the construction work of 300 feet long main Boulevard is near to completion.

Development Progress in Site-02 & 03 in Overseas Block Area 1 & 2

According to the latest development work updates, the progress work in sites 1 & 2 in the society has been started. After the completion of leveling and plotting of the area, the society is will work the infrastructure.

The earthwork along with construction work of sector mosque is going on. In addition, the framework for shaft, curbstone and saucer drain is in progress in the block C of overseas Block.

CSCI progress pictures of Buildings and Structures

Blacktop (tar) work at Access Road from Chakari Road to Project Site. Blacktop works have begun in 6 months delay of schedule, it was planned in Dec 2019.

Official Launch of the Capital Smart City on 2nd May 2019

Capital Smart City Islamabad was officially launched on 2nd May 2019 in an exclusive launch ceremony held at the site of Capital Smart City.

Site Offices Allocation -12 July 2019

An allocation meeting was held on 12th July 2019 by the officials of Capital Smart City. The allocation of site offices was authorized to the official dealers of the mega housing society including Sky Marketing in the meeting.

Freij International to make amusement park in CSC

Capital Smart City has signed an MoU with Freij international on Oct 23rd, 2019, for the construction of a fun amusement park in the grand housing scheme. Freij Entertainment International is famous and recognized for being the world’s largest traveling entertainment company that organizes fun skilled, funfairs, and games carnival ride all over the world. 

The agreement was signed by Mr. Freij El Zein-CEO of Freij Entertainment International with the top management of CSC to make many amusement parks in Pakistan at the site of Capital Smart Smart Islamabad. In collaboration with Future developments holdings, and the real estate development company responsible for the master planning of Capital Smart City including the many of the first amusement parks of Pakistan.

Mr. Imran Zahid Chief Commercial Officer of CSC said that this is a significant step towards providing necessary entertainment and amusement facilities throughout Pakistan. He added that This step will improve the economic growth in the country as well.

These fun parks will provide job opportunities as well as an improvement in the lives of people and bring economic stability in the region. It will enhance the interest and investments of foreign companies in Pakistan which will improve the economic situation of the country. This scenario will be useful for opening doors to future investments and business opportunities in the region. This initiative is highly admirable and will help modify the image of our country making it more attractive and appealing for both international tourists as well as the local population equally. 

Updated- Development Status in Capital Smart City

According to the November 21st, 2019 updates, Capital Smart City has purchased More than 5,570 Kanals of new land along the Chakri Road and River Sill with possession. Soon, this extension area will be added to the site of Capital Smart City. While the management has already started the work on its master plan.

Extention Land

There has been great progress in the development work seen at the site of CSCI. The progress includes (Pictures)

  • Progress Site-01 Access 2
  • Base and Electrical Work in Progress
  • Progress at Site-02 Main Roads R-1 and Access 1 &2
  • Base work in progress at junction access road 2 with Chakri Road
  • Horticulture Work in progress
  • Electrical work
  • Progress Site -2 & 3. Overseas Block Area 1 &2
  • Block A the cutting of plots
  • Earthwork
  • Sub-base work
  • Excavation Progress
  • Progress Site-4 Executive Blocks
  • Backfilling of Main Sewerage line in progress
  • Earthwork
  • Base layer & Sub-layer of roads and streets
  • Building and Structure work
  • Rebar Fixing of Grider-16 at Access Bridge 2
  • Rebar Fixing of Transom pier 1 at Access Bridge 2
  • Formwork of Grider-14 at Access Bridge 2
  • Rebar Fixing for Bowl in Block- Overseas Block-C
  • Curbstones for Island at Access -2 Junction with Chakri Road
  • Framework for Drain wall at Access 1 Strom water Drain
  • Brick Masonry for Parapet Wall- Overseas Mosque First Floor
  • Electrical Cable Pulling-Overseas Mosque Ground Floor
  • FrameWork for Stairs- Overseas Mosque Ground Floor
  • Rebar Fixing for columns-Overseas block B Smart School
  • Lean Concrete – Overseas Block –A
  • Rebar Fixing for supporting-vertical-Beam in progress- Overseas Block- A

Benefits of Investing in Capital Smart City

  • First-ever Smart City in Pakistan
  • Reliable & Trustworthy
  • Upgraded and modern living
  • Safe Investment
  • Easy Installment plans
  • Attractive Facilities
  • Grade 8 Development
  • Investment of Foreign Companies
  • National Defense University
  • Good return on Investment
  • Smart apps
  • Designated interchange by FWO
  • Diversity of jobs and careers
  • Efficient Resource Management
  • A new destination for Entertainment
  • Load shedding free zone
  • Electric bikes for easy & eco-friendly transportation

How to book your plot in Capital Smart City?

To book your plot in Capital Smart City, are required following documents

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Copy of your Next to kin ( father/mother/brother/wife/sister)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Booking amount (Cheque/ Pay order/Cash) in favor of Future Development Holdings Pvt ltd

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