Nova City Islamabad VS Blue World City Islamabad 2022

Nova City Islamabad VS Blue World City Islamabad 2022

Are you confused whether to invest in Nova City Islamabad or Blue World City Islamabad? Well, we’ll explore both the popular cities in this post. Investing in real-estate is the greatest investment you can make. 

And when it comes to Cities in Islamabad, then nothing can be better than this, because Pakistan’s real estate sector has changed a lot in the last few years, and the main reason for this is that the government has done many policy reforms in these sectors. 

Apart from these reforms, they also introduced a comprehensive tax relief package for the real estate market. Due to the comprehensive tax relief package, real estate activity has increased rapidly.

The Islamabad real estate market shows positive effects due to the Nova City Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad housing projects. They attract more investors from Pakistan and overseas. The first choice of real estate investors and future homeowners is to invest money in Islamabad and Rawalpindi housing societies.

The area ranging from Chakri Interchange to Islamabad motorway up to Ring Road is an investment hotbed due to the affordable megaprojects of the twin cities. The two most famous private housing schemes in this region were launched in 2018 by Nova City and Blue World City. So, are you excited to get into the topic, and want to know more about these cities? If your answer is yes, then it won’t take long. Let’s dive into the topic and understand which is best to invest in.

Nova City Islamabad overview

Let’s begin with Nova City Islamabad, Nova developers are developing a Nova City project in Islamabad. It is an under-developing housing society created by a well-known real estate developer. They successfully executed the plan and designed a central location near Islamabad and Rawalpindi. And the location of Nova City comes from the prime location of Islamabad. The developers intend to open the society soon with most luxury facilities at affordable prices. As the popularity of this housing project increases, the plot’s price may increase.

Blue World City Islamabad overview

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is working on a Blue World City project in Islamabad. It is one of the best housing societies in Islamabad developed by BGC in consultation with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The Blue World City housing society has a significant advantage because it is being built near the projected metropolis of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This housing project is best for those looking to invest in a high-investment-return residential scheme or those who want to buy their home in a good location as it is one of the most affordable housing projects in the area.

Nova City and Blue World City Location

The Blue World City housing society is situated at main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange on the central Lahore – Islamabad Motorway. It is one of the nearest locations to access the urban centers of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and the new International Islamabad Airport.

The Nova City housing project is located near the Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC route. While the society has the main access entrance from Ring Road and the other side of the society access from CPEC. This society is easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Lahore – Islamabad Motorway also delivers close access to the Nova City, making residents more comfortable. One of the best parts about this house society location is near the three dams of Nova City, including Patiala Dam, Rama Dam, and Kasana Dam.

Blue World City and Nova City NOC

In the beginning, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) had issued the planning Permission for 427 Kanal of land to Blue World City. The District Council approved No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Vide Letter No. 532/10/DC. Still, there is some jurisdiction conflict between RDA and District Council due to the Local Bodies Ordinance by the Punjab Governor. Still, the government resolved the solution, and another NOC application was submitted or it is under process. Society owners are optimistic that the NOC of the housing society will be approved soon.

Nova City Islamabad No Objection Certificate (NOC) is under process. Developers are confident that they will get approval from authorities soon. Investors are more concerned about the No Objection Certificate because receiving NOC means a legalized project gains more trust in society and its developers. Once the Nova City NOC is approved, the popularity of Nova City increases rapidly with their plot’s price.

Nova City Islamabad Facilities & Amenities

Nova City is a world-class residential society that delivers various modern luxuries facilities, and amenities including Here are some of the amenities in Nova City :

  • Secured Community: Safety and security are one of the primary concern in any housing society for that developing authority provide a 24×7 secure environment no matter it is day or night, with CCTV cameras, security sensor, alarm, Security guards, and also society equipped with a security command center they maintain and protect residents’ safety.
  • Worship: The Developer also Focuses on worship places for the residents to make a beautiful architecture mosque in society.
  • Wide Carpeted Roads: This housing society roads and streets or main boulevard are well-planned to deliver safe and spacious amenities with high-tech security and street lights.
  • Medical: The developer also focuses on health facilities. They provide the best health care facilities with high-tech hospitals and emergency facilities And qualified doctors and para-medic staff.


  • Safe and secure environment.
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical facilities
  • Jogging and walking tracks
  • Recreational Parks and Zoo
  • Commercial areas
  • Fiber Optics and broadband
  • the broad and beautiful main boulevard
  • Waste disposal system
  • Beautiful main entrance
  • 24/7 electricity, Gas, and water supply.
  • Sports areas and playground.

Blue World City Islamabad Facilities

What are the facilities Blue World City offers you while booking the plot here. Blue Group of Companies aims to develop one of the most significant housing projects in Islamabad with all major factors and future-oriented needs for Islamabad’s residential and commercial markets. They deliver high-tech luxuries, facilities, and amenities with automated mechanisms.

Developers prioritize this housing project to the most lavish society with modern-day luxuries and amenities. In any housing society, safety and security are one of the significant priorities. That’s why they provide highly trained security guards along with 24×7 CCTV camera security surveillance. Society is also surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof security system.

  • World-class infrastructure Jamia Mosque
  • Water park in the society.
  • Transportation system
  • 24/7 essential utility including water, Gas, and electricity.
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Shopping mall and groceries.
  • Healthcare and medical centers with highly qualified doctors and nursing staff
  • Water filtration plant
  • I-Max cinema
  • Water pools and spa clubs
  • Underground Electricity
  • 24×7 best security system with guard
  • Secured housing society with Boundary wall and gated community
  • Educational institutions with Highly-trained professional teachers
  • Well-planned waste disposal system and sewerage management.
  • Parks and playground.
  • Sports and cultural complex
  • Gym with best facilities.

Nova City Islamabad Payment Plan

Payment is one of the common factors that any investor looks for, Right? Here, we’re sharing the detailed payment plan of Nova City Islamabad. Nova City offers different types of plots, including residential and commercial properties. Anyone can Book their Plots at least amount of down payment, and you can pay the remaining amount through an easy installment plan.

Nova City 5 Marla (125 Square Yards) residential plots price is PKR 2,750,000, but for Booking, you have to pay a downpayment of PKR 590,000/, with Confirmation plus Booking price is also Rs. 295,000. People have a choice that they can spend money in 40 easy installment payment plans offered by the authority. You have to pay 18,950 per month. At possession of the property, 770,000 rupees is to be paid.

The 8 Marla (240 square yards) price is PKR 4,040,000 with a downpayment of 810,000/, confirmation plus Booking price is 405,000. 40 monthly installments plan started from 20,870 and At possession of the property 1,131,200 rupees is to be paid.

Nova City 10 Marla (300 square yards) residential plots are available for 50 lakh rupees for booking you have to pay 1,000,000 You have to pay confirmation plus Booking amount is PKR 500,000. You can also pay the rest of the money in 40 easy installments, with each installment payment plan worth.25,000. 1,400,000 amount has to be paid at possession.

In Nova City, 14 Marla (420 square yards) residences are also available with the total amount of 6,750,000, but for Booking, you have to pay 20% of the amount of money that is 1,425,000 you have to pay PKR 712,500 for confirmation plus Booking. You choose to pay the remaining amount in 40 easy installments of 30,875 Rupee per month. At possession, 1,890,000 is to be paid.

If you want to buy 1 Kanal plot (500 square yards) in Nova City Islamabad, available with a total amount of 9,600,000 for Booking, you have to pay the first 20% of the total money, which is 1,960,000. You have to pay Rs.980,000 for confirmation plus the Booking price. You can pay the rest of the money in 40 easy installments at 43,800 rupees. .2,688,000 has to be paid at possessions.

Commercial 5 Marla plots price is 60 lakh for booking you have to pay 20% of the amount that is 12 lakh. At the same time, 8 Marla plots price is one crore 20 lakh for booking and 20% of the amount is PKR 24 lakh.

Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan

So we’ve moved to payment plans which Blue World City enables you to have. Blue World City offers different residential and commercial plots at a convenience rate, Along with a 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year installment plan. Investors can book their property at a 10% down payment rate. They have five sectors: General Block, 5,10, and 20 Marla Executive Block and 7,10,14 Marla or 1,2 Kanal Overseas Block.

Apart from this, they have many more blocks like 6,12,18 Marla Waterfront Block. 10 Marla 1,2,4 Kanal Residential plots in Hollywood Block. 4,8,12,16 Kanal farmhouse in Blue Hills Country Farms. 5 Marla Serene Villas and Awami Residential Complex also available.

Blue World City 5 Marla General Block Residential plot price is PKR 1,290,000, but for booking, you have to pay a downpayment of PKR 119,000/. People have a choice that they can spend money in 40 easy installment payment plans offered by the authority. You have to pay PKR 13,388 per month.

The 8 Marla General Block price is PKR 16 lakh with a 10% down payment of 116,000/ for the Booking price. The 40 monthly installment plan started from 16,875.

Blue World City 10 Marla General Block is available for 20 lakh rupees for booking you have to pay 1 lakh 85 thousand. Forty easy installments worth 20,813.

1 Kanal General Block Residential plot price is PKR 40 lakh with a 10% down payment of 380,000/ for Booking price. The 40 monthly installment plan started from 42,750.

The 2 Kanal General Block Residential plot price is PKR 65 lakh with a 10% down payment of 620,000/ for the Booking price. The 40 monthly installment plan started from 69,750.

5 Marla General Block commercial plot price is PKR 72 lakh with a 10% down payment of 720,000/ for the Booking price. The 40 monthly installment plan started from 72,000.

# Why Invest in Blue World City

Blue World housing society is a big megaproject. This project is being built in a vast area. It has many sectors and blocks according to the budget of different types of people. Presently, plots are available at meager prices that will change the perception of affordable accommodation in Islamabad. Society has all kinds of blocks for lower- to upper-class people who have several choices to invest in society.

Economic Benefits: If you compare the pricing with all the housing projects built in Islamabad, the prices offered in Blue World City are the most affordable and convenient. They have also taken care of low-salary people, so they are providing the facility of an easy installation plan so that you can give lavish accommodation to your family. You can be sure about the endless possibilities of commercial opportunities in this housing society Because diversified commercial avenues, shopping malls, and entertainment clubs will ensure sufficient employment and economic enterprises.

Future benefits: As of now, Blue World City is at a pre-launching phase. That’s why they offer the lowest prices. So now is the right time to invest money in this housing society. Because after the official launch and further development rates are increasing rapidly. Maybe the price of the plot will double. Therefore, the present investor will get excellent returns in the future by investing money in this housing society.

Facilities: Blue World City offers you amazing facilities and amenities which are quite amazing. Don’t worry, we’ve covered all the facilities you get in this city in this article.

Price: Pricing is the factor that enables users to book the plot, or move to another city, right? Blue World City understands the fact, and allows you to book plots at pocket friendly prices. You can scroll this article and move the payment section and take a detailed idea about payment and pricing of Blue World City.

Why Invest in Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad is an outstanding lodging society developed with modern infrastructure. The main advantage of this society is located adjacent to the CPEC route. Society is a few minutes away from Islamabad Airport. But this society is not as big as Blue World City, but its developers will give all kinds of facilities and amenities to their residents.

Economic Benefits: Nova City developers offer their investors a fair price to buy residential plots. Investors have to pay a 10% deposit of the total amount for reservation, and a 10% amount for confirmation charges must be paid within 45 days of the initial payment. You have options to pay the rest of the money in 40 monthly installments or eight half-yearly installments. Nova City payment plan is flexible and straightforward for all types of people.

Future benefits: Nova city is the magnificent high-demand location for investing and living in Islamabad. They offered a fair price for investors, but when the project got its NOC from authorities, their pricing increased rapidly. There are many chances compared to now that the price has increased by 50%. Moreover, in the Upcoming years, CPEC will add significant importance to the corporate. If you invest in Nova City Islamabad, the return on investment will become higher on property.

Facilities: Investing in Nova City Islamabad enhances the living standard by the facilities and amenities they offer you. They are less with amazing healthcare and educational institutes, completely secure, complete cities covered with high-tech surveillance and guards who protect you and your property in your absence.

Price: Nova City is not so costly to book your dream place in, you can choose any of their EMI plans and book. Pricing can go beyond in future but currently their pricing is the best.

Nova City Islamabad pros and cons:

Here below you can find the pros and cons about Nova City Islamabad.


  • Continues supply of utilities
  • 24/7 essential utilities are available.
  • Situated at a prime location.
  • Gated community with security surveillance systems.
  • Society close to a prominent place.
  • Healthcare and educational facilities.


  • Nova city marketing campaign did not start yet due to a delay in Noc approval.
  • There is a perception that society is located far away.

Blue World City Islamabad pros and cons:

Find the Pros and Cons of Blue World City Islamabad, so that you can understand the city better. 

  • Blue World City provides you with places at an affordable price.
  • It has best health and educational facilities
  • Modern infrastructure which gives you high-quality living. 
  • Water theme park to enjoy your free time.
  • A large variety of residential, commercial plots, and farmhouses.
  • Unique architecture
  • Safe, Secure, and Gated Community
  • Investment opportunity for every budget
  • Replica of Blue Mosque
  • 24×7 electric city.
  • Entire city is covered with night-vision CCTV cameras.
  • Dedicated security guard. 


  • NOC status is under processing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Who is the owner of Nova City Islamabad?

The owner of Nova City Islamabad is Ch. Junaid Afzal.

#2. Who is the developer of Nova City?

The actual developer of Nova City Islamabad is Nova City Developers. The Nova City Developer is a big name itself in real estate business. They’ve created their name in building high-quality infrastructures, and building. All their developed cities come in the top position in Pakistan.

#3. Is Nova city approved by CDA?

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Nova City is under process so sooner you may get news about CDA approval. As they’re also involved in building high-quality buildings and cities around Pakistan, that can come in various sizes and at affordable prices. Currently, there is no information about the Sizes and prices of upcoming cities.

#4. Is Blue World City a good investment?

If you’re looking for a place that has all the contemporary features and facilities then Blue World Cityis the best place to invest in. As all the big fish, investors, general people, and developers have a great faith in this city so they are investing their money. Apart from that, Blue World City is also surrounded by natural greenery, which makes a good sense to spend your money here. 

#5. Is Blue World City Fake?

Well, currently many investors, and general people have booked places here in Blue World City, and mainly it has all the legal documents that don’t consider it as a fake city. You can go through their official website, and take ideas. According to us, Blue World City is completely trust-worthy. 

#6. Is Blue World City Islamabad approved?

The RDA’s NOC documents of Blue World City Islamabad are fully trust-worthy and fully legal. And currently RDA has added Blue City in the list of companies approved. But also remember NOC status is under processing.


After looking at this range of significant facts, we can conclude that Nova and Blue World City Islamabad can become a top residential society. But as of now, if you want to invest in Nova City, you should avoid investing until NOC approval, but if NOC is approved, then there are many chances that the price will increase compared to now.

Blue City developers make a considerable effort to attain NOC and legal Permissions from Rawalpindi Development Authorities. It looks like steps so far investment in blue World City is in safe and secure hands. In this detailed article, we have explored both the cities (Nova City Islamabad, and Blue World City Islamabad). 

We compared both the cities on various aspects and provided you with honest details about these two. We believe this article was informative for you, and solved all your queries regarding these leading cities in Islamabad. If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding the post, you can use the comment section given below, or contact us.