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Taj Residencia is a huge Accommodation Project based in Islamabad.  This is a massive Luxurious Project in Pakistan, initiated by the Sardar Group of Companies committed to fulfilling their Pledge of making this Project a Dream Project, a Dream Housing for people in Pakistan or anywhere around the World.

The Sardar Group of Companies had proved their success earlier in the case of the Centaurus Mall which is now a good Residential as well as a Commercial Project. So, now as they have won the trust, they have come up with the project of Taj Residencia with amazing benefits. You can be a part of the Taj Residencia because here you can afford it at comfortable rates. This project is one of the top-class projects that contain many benefits and features which attract people towards it. It is surrounded by completely natural views, eye-catching sunshine, and sunset, fresh air, lush greenery with incredible views. 

Who Developed Taj Residencia?

Initially, the Sardar Group of Industries had their origin in Iraq and started their progress in the Automotive Industry, i.e. dealing with vehicles.

After some years, they started to have an expansion and decided to invest in certain residential projects in Pakistan. The first outcome of that trial was the  Centaurus Mall.  During their first trial, they already made a hit and so now they are planning to invest in the new Project called the Taj Residencia. This project is aimed to deliver a world-class project along with all the necessary features at an affordable price. The developer of the project has already done a remarkable job in the past by developing the Centaurus project. The Centaurus project has attracted many investors in the business. 

Taj Residencia Location

Taj Residencia is near the CDA sectors I-14, I-15, and I-16. If you want to be more specific about the location then it will take you a couple of minutes to reach the place from Centaurus Mall. Along with that, the Islamabad International Airport, and Motorway are also just 10 to 20 minutes far from the project location. The developer and owner also plan to connect this project to Rawalpindi’s Ring Road in the coming future. 

Due to its locational factor, this project is hopefully expected to have a decent investment potential from the side of the investors. It is regarded as one of the highly demanded projects in the Capital City.

The main advantage of this project is that you can escape the crowd and the noises of the city but also stay in an area that has a lot of opportunities.

Taj Residencia is a great Project to invest yourself in. It is located in Islamabad near the CDA Sector.

Taj Residencia Master Plan

As we said above this is a massive project and has covered the 1907 Kanals. It is basically divided into a couple of phrases like phase 1 of Taj Residencia has been announced and phase 2 and future additions. Find the following details of Taj Residencia.

Plots sizes are available in the Taj Residencia

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal 
  • 2 Kanal

Dream Villas sizes available In Taj Residencia:

  • 1 Kanal Villa
  • 1 Kanal Model Villa
  • 14 Marla Villa
  • 10 Marla Villa mediterranean
  • 10 Marla Villa Eclectic
  • 10 Marla Villa Modern

Taj Residencia Payment Plan


More Details About The Project

Taj Residencia is under the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and it is also close to Islamabad.

This project is expected to have such a hit that RDA has already given 10,000 Kanal Land for the development of this Project.

If you would like to know about the Accessibility, then read it here :

The Taj Residencia is a Project which will be reached completely hassle-free. If you want to have access to this project then you can notice the following points: 

First of all, it is very near to Bhata Road.

If you are driving, then you will be able to reach this Project within 5 minutes from Chakra Road.

It is just distanced at a time of about 29 minutes from the Srinagar Highway.

And it is just half an hour from the Islamabad International Airport.

Let’s know about some important Landmarks to reach this Place

Some of the best locations to know if you want to reach this Project are :



Allama Iqbal Colony

Taj Residencia NOC

As previously discussed, the Taj Residencia project is under RDA and is already approved by the  Rawalpindi Development Authority which has the jurisdiction for the development of this Project.

The Internal Structure and Detailing

As in the case of any Residential Project, you will find lots of different sizes which are available consisting of the regular, corner, Main, the ground plot, etc.

The Sardar Group of Companies are also planning and investing in the Dream Villas of the Taj Residencia, the main attraction of this Project.

In the case of the Dream Villas, let us see the main features and plots offered there

1 Kanal Villa is available

14 Marla Villa is available

A 10 Marla Mediterranean Villa is also planned

A 10 Marla Modern Villa

About the Taj Residencia Dream Villas

The main attraction of this Project is encircling the Dream Villas giving supreme living conditions for its residents. They will find a sense of Aristocracy and Luxury while staying at these Villas.

You will find the sizes along with the amenities in the list that is prepared below.

You will find a 5 Marla Villa where you will get access to 3-bed houses.

Similarly, if you opt for an 8 Marla Villa, then the beds will increase to 5.

There is also a 10 Marla Villa with 5 beds.

Let’s know about the Blue Bell Taj Residencia – the Recent Development Project:

You should also be aware of this new addition to this Project of Taj Residencia, i,e, the Blue Bell Taj Residencia. The difference is that here you can get the plots at a lower price.

The Features of Taj Residencia to be known:

  1. You can have some stunning residential towers to live in.
  2. Beautiful well-designed park.
  3. Get access to some  Commercial Hubs in your area.
  4. Grounds of having entertainment at a Royal Club
  5. Wonderful Safari Parks and Flower Gardens.
  6. Hospital with the best facility.
  7. As the citizens will be mostly Muslims, so you will get access to the Grand Jamia Masjid where all can gather for the prayers.
  8. You can have access to good education also because of the presence of schools and universities. 

The Development Of The Project

There are a total of 11 blocks as of now. Out of them, about 4 blocks have reached the stage of development, and the rest are still under construction.

The blocks which are developed are termed A, B, C, and D respectively.

It is also expected that people will start living within these blocks shortly.

The Developers are also trying their level best to speed up the development process so that they can get more investments and more Projects in the future. This is one of the Luxurious Projects by them.

What are the merits and demerits of this Project?

Let us see those merits and demerits in detail.

Merits :

1. A Luxurious Living Condition is ensured

The dreams that you had till now, about your Villa, where you will live will have the best living conditions – will give you comfort and luxury, will all be fulfilled by the Taj Residencia.

You will get access to multiple features, as I have already covered them within the features section, you will have the Dream Villas, good gardening opportunities, schools, hospitals, clubs, etc. This I can assure you definitely that you will be living within the best environment and here your Investment will bear you fruit.

2. You can have quick possession after Down Payments

You can have your blocks within your possession just after you complete paying the down payments.

You can then shift your housing here by quickly completing the down payment. This is one of the main reasons why you should invest in Taj Residencia. Just by paying the down payments, you will be eligible to take possession. Isn’t it cool?

3. Good Arrangement of the Project Plan

From the very beginning, everything is planned so beautifully so that customers don’t face any problems while booking their plots. Everything is pre-planned, like where the hospital will be placed for any kind of emergency, where the school or the playground, etc.

Even this is revealed from a lot of reviews about Taj Residencia that people are preferring to stay here because of the good planning of the amenities.

4. Easy access to Hospital and nearer to the Airport

While living here, you or your family members can face any type of health issues or any kind of accident, and so there arises a case of hospitalization. Here, due to the good facilities provided by the hospital, you can reach out to them during any hour of need within a very short time.

Another emergency is that suppose you have to reach somewhere, you have to catch the flight. Then staying near the Airport will be highly beneficial for you.

5. You can have everything supplied without any hassle

Here there is real comfort while living in this housing. This is because the major resources like water or electricity or gas will be supplied from time to time for you to get without any interruption. That is why Residents will prefer to stay here for years.

6. There are also chances of expansion for this Project

At first, the Project was just at phase 1. But now, it is in Phase 2. Developments are continuously occurring and so it is expected that more developments will occur further, and so you can have more possession for some more plots in future.

Demerits of Taj Residencia

Let’s try to know the demerits also.

1. It is a little expensive for the general masses

However the Payment Plan is a long-term investment, but since Taj Residencia is a place of Luxury, the Brand value is quite high. So initially it might seem that the Project is quite expensive.

2. Development doesn’t seem to occur at a rapid scale

To develop into a functional society, will take some time. This is because there are many plots to be constructed, and this will take some amount of time for sure.


If you are still thinking that Taj Residencia is for you or not, then I would suggest that taking a look at the various features, amenities, and proximity to so many important localities should interest you if you are a good investor. Not that the area is too clumsy or noisy, but it also offers a good environment.

We will be very much delighted if after reading the whole article and knowing everything, you leave a review about what you think about Taj residencia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Taj Residencia:

1. Taj Residencia is owned by which company?

Ans. The Taj Residencia is owned by the Sardar Group of Companies, which had their origin from Iraq, and they are also the leading owners of the very successful Centaurus Mall.

2. Where is the Project exactly located?

Ans. Taj Residencia has proximity to Bhata Road, within a distance of 30 minutes from the Islamabad International Airport, and is located in the CDA Sector.

3. Who approved the NOC of Taj Residencia?

Ans. The Rawalpindi Development Authority approved the NOC of Taj Residencia. Thus it is under the jurisdiction of RDA.

4. Do you think it will be profitable for you to invest in Taj Residencia?

Ans. Taj Residencia is such a project that brings together the Residential as well as the Commercial hubs together. You can get long-term investment benefits, affordable prices, and have some amenities readily available for you. Having proximity to Hospital or the Airport also shows its importance as a Housing Society. It is profitable for you to invest in Taj Residencia. There is also the Dream Villas where you can get a super luxurious living style.

5. What are the types of plots that we can get in Taj Residencia?

Ans. You can get access to the 5, 8, 10 Marla Plots and you can also have access to the 1 or 2 Kanal Plots. 

6. When can you get possession of the plots that you want in the Taj?

Ans. This is another lucrative opportunity from their side. You can have possession at Taj Residencia once you complete your down payment.

Accordingly, you can then plan and design your plots in your way.

Since you have read this article, I think by reading all the features as a whole and by giving a glance at the FAQs, you have understood the value of Taj Residencia – about how unique and attractive this Project will be for you. So if you are a good investor, you can invest in this project. And if you want to book your plots then also you can contact them and then complete the processes that they ask you to do.