Nova City Peshawar


Nova City Peshawar will be launched soon, and it is the housing society that attracts many investors towards it. you heard about Nova City Peshawar but confused about investing, benefits you will get, facilities, and amenities? Wait, take a deep breath and relax because we will take you through the Nova City Peshawar and explore this city in various types of aspects.

The reason the investors and buyers love to book the plot in the Nova City Peshawar is the location. The location of this city is near the Islamabad – Peshawar Motorway (M-1), which is just close to Charsada city and Peshawar.

Nova City Peshawar is also pulling buyers towards this project as it holds all the necessary stuff that can increase the value of your investment and give the best profit.

If you’re searching for the best project to invest in, Nova City Peshawar could be your dream project. But wait, read all the details and pricing of this, then decide if it suits you or not. So, let’s dive into the details and explore Nova City Peshawar without any further delay.

So, are you excited to know more about this project? If your answer is yes, then let’s dive into the project.

Overview Of Nova City Peshawar:

Nova City Peshawar is a famous housing society that is going to launch soon. The developer behind this society is the Nova Group, which has developed the remarkable project known as Nova City Islamabad.

The owner has ensured to provide all the top quality features and facilities to the investors. Currently, there is no official news about the pricing and plots, and we will update you once the administration discloses it. The location of this project is near the Peshawar Motorway (M-1). And the best thing the NOC of Nova City Peshawar is approved by TMS.

Nova City Peshawar Developers & Owners:

Developers and developing are the two pillars for any real estate project. Because the developer devises the quality of it. As we have discussed above, the developer of this project is Nova Group. Nova Group is a well-reputed name in real estate, as they have already developed many notable projects in the past, like Nova City Islamabad.

The Nova Group has done a remarkable job and produced some of the great projects in Pakistan. By investing in Nova City Peshawar, you can take all the benefits and get the massive profit of your investment. The developers ensured to execute all the facilities and amenities so the investors could stay comfortably. 

The developers of this project are really popular names in real estate, and they have already proved it by delivering an impressive housing society.

Nova City Peshawar NOC:

NOC is one of the vital things that investors look for because if any project is NOC approved, it seems a more stable, secure, and honest project. NOC stands for No Objection Certificate. The NOC is approved for Nova City Peshawar by TMS.

As its NOC approved so the investors looking on this project to book the property and take the starting advantage. You can also participate on it and book the part of it.

As we know, it’s a project that will surely increase the value of your investment, so the developers ensure to deliver all the basic to advanced requirements that the investors will look for.

nova city Peshawar noc
nova city peshawar noc approval no.

Nova City Peshawar Location:

Prime location can make any real estate project more valuable and reliable because it’s the thing investors look for. Luckily, the Nova City Peshawar comes with the dream location, and also, it’s developed in a prime location. 

It’s near the Islamabad Motorway (M-1) and close to Charsada and Peshawar. Nova City Peshawar has been built upon the prime location, and because of this, it’s become more prevalent in a span of time, and investors are eager to spend money on it.

Nova City Peshawar Accessibility:

Let’s explore the accessibility of Nova City Peshawar, and it has several leading places near it, which we will talk about below. Near the important places making this housing society even popular and worth spending your money on it. Let’s find out how you can access Nova City Peshawar.

  • Near M-1 Motorway.
  • You can access it by traveling a 23-minute drive from Mardan.
  • You can access it by traveling 25 minutes drive from Risalpur.
  • Nineteen minutes drive from G.T. Road.
  • You can reach it by going 12 minutes from Charsada.
  • Nineteen minutes drive from Peshawar.
  • Nova City Peshawar can be reached by 36 minutes of drive from Nowshera.
  • It takes hardly 7 minutes to drive from Mardan Road.
  • If you’re at Peshawar Ring Road, then barely 23 minutes by driving.
  • Maximum 15 minutes of drive from Bacha Khan University.

Note: All the top places and traveling timing from there.

Nova City Peshawar Nearby Landmarks

The following places and landmarks of Nova City Peshawar are;

  1. Peshawar to Islamabad Motorway (M-1)
  2. Mardan, Airbase.
  3. Risalpur.
  4. Charsada.
  5. Nowshera.
  6. Bacha Khan University.
  7. Paradise City Nowshera.
  8. (N-5) National Highway.
  9. Charsada Cemetery
  10. And Peshawar.

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan:

The main motive to develop this housing society is to make it as popular as Nova City Islamabad is. Also, the developers of Nova City Peshawar are professional and experienced and ensured to make it a top-class place for living. 

The owner and developers focused on delivering a luxurious lifestyle to the investors at affordable rates from the beginning of this project. They have implemented all the necessary things in this society. The best thing about Nova City Peshawar is there is no issue for NOC, as they are approved by TMS.

Currently, there is no official confirmation news about the plot sizes of this housing, but as soon as the details are disclosed, we will notify you, so stay connected with us. The administrations provide only information about plot sizes, which are mentioned below. The plot sizes will be added sooner so that we will update you with prices and sizes. 

  1. 3.5 Marla.
  2. 5 Marla.
  3. 7 Marla.
  4. 10 Marla.
  5. 1 Kanal.

Nova City Peshawar Payment Plan:

Attractive Payment plans for real estate increase the chances of involving investors in it. The best payment plans mean that more consumers will buy the property. But unfortunately, the administration of the Nova City Peshawar hasn’t disclosed the payment plans, so we also don’t have many details about Nova City Peshawar payment plan, but as per the official report of the owners and developers, the payment plans will be affordable and budget-friendly. 

Also, they will come up with various types of installments for the Nova City Peshawar. Furthermore, the administration confirmed that payment plans will launch sooner and will be beneficial for small investors and large investors. 

As we mentioned above, the focus of the owner and developers is to keep this project affordable for everyone. You can stay in touch with us, so we can let you know whenever the company launches the payment plan.

Nova city Peshawar payment plan

Nova City Peshawar Facilities and Amenities

The owner and developers of the Nova City Peshawar will enable investors to get all the luxuries requirements in budget-friendly payment; the primary focus of the developer of this society is to provide world-class facilities. Also, they have special care by leaving a huge area for green park, and you’ll be presented with all the modern-day features. Let’s find out some of Nova City Peshawar amenities and features.

Water Resources:

Water is essential for the human body, so the owner of this society has done a fabulous job by implementing a vast water reservoir. Also, residentials will get pure and clean water for drinking and use.

Health Facilities:

The Nova City Peshawar has given unique benefits to the patient by developing the best health facilities within the society. As this project’s area is enormous, they have developed the hospitals in common areas so that residents can access the hospital in a quick time. Apart from that, all the hospitals have advanced technologies and professional doctor teams to provide you with the best treatments.

Eco-Friendly Environments:

This society will provide you with all the natural things like green parks, pure water supply, ponds, and many other things. Living in such environments and a modern-day lifestyle can feel like a wealthy lifestyle. The best thing about this project is all features and facilities will be provided at a budget-friendly price.

Secure Community:

Security is one of the essential factors for residential, and Nova City Peshawar ensures that you deliver as per your expectations. Most leading projects promise to offer you the best secure environments, but eventually, they fail. Nova City Peshawar has confirmed that the entire residential area will be covered with CCTV surveillance, and the security guards will be there at every entrance. They are highly trained and professional and protect you 24×7 so that you can live peacefully.

Business & Commercial Hubs:

Nova City Peshawar has introduced the different types of stores and malls within the society so that the residents can get the required stuff within a quick time. It also opens the gate of several business and commercial hubs that are known best for any real estate project. Investors has the option to start their business in the society.

Top-Quality Road Infrastructure:

Roads with top and high-quality can make your life easier. The road and other infrastructure will be developed with high-quality products, and it’s confirmed the quality of the result will be top because the engineers are professional and buid up the road for transport, and normal use.

Nova City Peshawar Booking Forms:

Let’s talk about the booking forms, which banks allow you to buy and booking forms. Below mentioned banks allow you for the same. 

  1. JS Bank
  2. HBL (Habib Bank Pvt Ltd)
  3. BOK (The Bank Of Khyber)

What Are The Salient Features Of Nova City Peshawar?

Nova City Peshawar provides you with the features, environments, and other benefits, but multiple salient features are also included. Let’s find them below.

  1. Top-class Eco-community.
  2. Plots at an affordable price.
  3. Great maintenance. 
  4. Protect you with high-level security, including CCTV and professional guards.
  5. The boundary wall covers the entire area.
  6. Grand Mosque.
  7. Gated Community.
  8. Great ECO-Community.
  9. High-level education complex and universities.
  10. 24×7 electricity, gas, and water supply.
  11. Less power cut because it has an underground electric system.
  12. Sewerage system.
  13. Best water resources.
  14. Different types of clinics, dispensaries, and hospitals enhance the health system.
  15. Added multiple indoor and outdoor sports complexes.
  16. Green gardens.
  17. Eye-catching entrance gates.
  18. Great environments.
  19. Local stores within the society.
  20. Top-quality development.

Required Documents For Booking In Nova City Peshawar?

Booking in Nova City Peshawar doesn’t require many documents, but the same as the other leading societies ask you before booking. Let’s find out what will be needed to buy or sell property in Nova City Peshawar. You will need the following documents.

  1. Two passport sizes of photos.
  2. Two copies of my National ID card.
  3. Two copies of the ID card of your next of kin.
  4. NICOP of overseas investors.

How To Book Plots In Nova City Peshawar

This is one of the essential questions or queries for any investors, right? We will suggest you ask the owner before investing. The below-given steps will enable you to book the property in Nova City Peshawar.

  1. To book the plot at Nova City Peshawar Call on :+92-336-885-2843
  2. Attach the copies of CNIC.
  3. Then you can pay via Cash, Cheque, or Back Transfer.
  4. Submit documents payments to the authority of Nova City Peshawar
  5. Ask for a receipt, and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nova City Peshawar

#1. What is Nova City Peshawar, and what makes this society different from others?

Nova City Peshawar is a fantastic residential platform that will be launched soon, and it offers you all the required facilities and amenities at an affordable price. The thing that makes it different from others is its developer and fast development.

#2. Is Nova City Peshawar NOC Approved?

Yes, Nova City Peshawar NOC is approved by TMS, and you can take beginning advantage by investing and booking plots on Nova City Peshawar.

#3. Who is developing Nova City Peshawar?

The developer of the Nova City Peshawar is Nova Group, which has already delivered the fantastic project known as Nova City Islamabad.

#4. What is the location of Nova City Peshawar?

This unique project is located near Peshawar Motorway (M-1) and Charsada.

#5. Is it safe to invest in Nova City Peshawar?

Nova City Peshawar is a great project and completely approved by TMS. Many big investors are looking to book properties in NCP. Apart from that, this project also offers you top-quality features and facilities at an affordable price. So, it is considered safe to invest. 

Wrapping Up Of Nova City Peshawar:

Nova City Peshawar is an excellent platform for booking plots. It is basically a residential society that offers you great amenities at great pricing. Currently, they haven’t disclosed any payment plan, but we will update you sooner. 

They applied for NOC and got the green signal by TMS, means its NOC is fully approved. In this detailed guide, we have discussed every aspect of Nova City Peshawar and provided you with an honest opinion about this including payment plans, future aspects, NOC, near by location facilities and amenities. We believe this article was informative for you. If you have any questions or queries, you can leave us a comment below.