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Project Updates

  • Giga Mall Extension

    Giga Mall Extension is a tower of 30 floors comprising shopping, entertainment, recreation, leisure, lifestyle, and work center. Giga Mall Extension was officially launched on 6th September 2020 in a fireworks ceremony.

    September 29, 2020
  • What is a Smart City? Capital Smart City Islamabad

    What is a Smart City? : Smart is an emerging type of municipality that applies Information Communication and Technology (ICT) to manage public assets, resources and services efficiently, and enhance the quality of governance and communal life. The municipality and public governments collect data and insights from citizens and assets by using the Internet of Things (IoT). They analyze and process the data and use it to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, utilities, schools, crime detection, libraries, hospitals, water supply networks, waste management, power plants, information systems, and other community services.

    August 15, 2020
  • PM Announce new package for Real Estate sector

    Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced an encouraging package to ease construction authorities and their investors on April 2. By looking at current financial downs in the sector due to the Coronavirus pandemic, He proposed a relief package for all the concerns of the construction sectors. He gave the status of industry to the construction sector and said the fixed tax will be introduced in the construction sector. Any kind of investment for purchase or construction of land from now till 30 June 2022 will be relieved by the steps.

    August 15, 2020
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