Rudn Enclave VS Mivida City – Best Residential Destination

Rudn Enclave VS Mivida City

Introduction About Rudn Enclave vs Mivida City

Are you thinking of investing in real estate but confused about Rudn Enclave Islamabad and Mivida City Islamabad? Well, We’ve brought a detailed article where we’ll explore both places in depth. Basically, both the places (Rudn Enclave and Mivida City) are located in Rawalpindi and Islamabad due to the extraordinary facilities offered by these two development societies buyers will be confused and definitely will be having a crisis to make a decision.

When it comes to the strategy of investment, plotting is the best way to invest your assets, and investing in an accurate place where in the future there will be a high demand for the land will be a wise decision.

Rudn Enclave is a fresh large residence scheme that is launched under the sponsorship of RMRSCO Private Limited. This is located on Adyala Road, Rawalpindi, while the design consultant is the NESPAK and this makes this program much more special. The development agreement has been allotted to M/S UPDL ( Urban Planning and Design limited ).

Presently they are offering various extents of residential plots and farmhouses at a reasonable price on easy installment plans of 4 years. This is not a minor housing Scheme. They say that they occupy more than 18000 canals of land.

Mivida City is located at the main chakra Road Islamabad more than residential and commercial options provide public and resort life as well and Mivida City is evolving as a self-reliant society with small programs and management.

The eco-friendly features and modern architecture make a specific community a national environment is a specialty of this residential area. Khanial builders, in cooperation with Banu Mukhtar and Meinhardt Group, will develop this creative project. Below we are going to explore each and everything about Rudn Enclave and Mivida City. Therefore It will be for you to choose the best one. Let’s get started;

Developers of Rudn Enclave and Mivida City

Rudn Enclave: RMRSCO Private Limited is an organization that includes a coalition of highly equipped engineers and professionals and this organization is also registered. In the past, the company has provided various small-scale private developmental schemes and also collaborated with big development companies such as HRL.

At the initial stages, companies themselves are involved in the developmental job at Enclave. After the modification of ring road alignment and large capacity developed by this change, the company decided to revoke from development work and give the contract to a well-reputed developer.

Land acquisition and project management are areas that RMRSCO is currently concentrating on. NESPAK is one of the initial Pakistan-based consultancy groups and they are ranked on the top of the list of engineering consultancy in Asia and Africa.

In 1973 It was ascertained as a private limited company by the government of Pakistan to attain self-reliance on engineering programs. And presently the company has attained large strength and over 4500 employees. 

The mega project Mivida City is under Khanial Homes, An endeavor of Khanial Builders private limited. The planning, Urban Development, eco-sustainable designs, and architectural works are going to be done by the Meinhardt Group.

This was organized in 1955. Meinhardt acquires a past of the victorious modern age real estate project. The building is done by BanuMukhat, working in Pakistan since 1964. They are very famous for on-time project delivery and uptime quality of their project.

Mivida City Partners

Before you directly get into the business, you should understand who the partner is in Mivida City. There are multiple partners included in the Mivida City, here we’ll explore them;

Meinhardt Group:

This is a Singapore-based company which was established in 1955 and explores most of the corners of the world, they already own offices in more than 51 countries and hold more than 4500 employees. This company is officially known for doing field surveys, designing various types of land such as roads, sewerage systems, electrical works, earthwork, water resources, and many others.

Maxim Investment Group Egypt:

They are the developers of this beautiful city, their corporate office is an Egypt-based real estate company that was born in 1980 and they grew with time, and currently, they provide their services for megaprojects like Mivida City, also they deal in both residential and commercial land properties. They are basically, best for delivering design and engineering advice with investment advisory.

Bannu Mukhtar:

Bannu Mukhtar was established in 1964 and currently, they are one of the biggest contractors in Pakistan. Bannu Mukhtar delivers promising quality on time, at an affordable price. To manage the project they come up with a professional team that can deliver the best around you.

Mivida Developments PVT Limited:

Mivida development constructs eco-friendly and modern society. Nothing to say about them as they have already proved their worth in the market by delivering top-level properties developments. 

Rudn Enclave and Mivida City Location

Location is one of the critical terms of any real estate, here is a detailed guide about the location of these properties. The location of Rudn Enclave is in MouzaKhasala Khurd close to Khasala Dam on Adyala Road Rawalpindi. Reaching this area through Chakri Road, Saddar, and Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension is very convenient.

The land is located between two dams Khasala Dam and Jawa Dam, and due to this, the residence will be having a huge supply of water and also an extraordinary view of the dam.

Both Adyala road and Chakri are touched by this housing project, also they claim to have attained more than 14000 Kanal of land and access from Chakri road right opposite Capital Smart City.

As soon as Rawalpindi Ring Road attaches Rudn Enclave to GT Road and Motorway, it will be the most sustainable and comfortable place to live in Rawalpindi. Zero-point via Kashmir Highway will be about 30 minutes drive. 

Mivida City comprises the main area in Islamabad. It is situated on main Chakri Road between Capital Smart City and Blue World City. A very few kilometers from the New Islamabad International Airport.

Gorgeous landscapes stirred with grand Margalla Hills offer a quiet residence experience.

Mivida City relates to several main boulevards of twin cities, creating it a great community to invest in.

It is surrounded by many shopping malls, academic institutes, commercial centers, and much more.

It encircles a central region that will be correlated to many crucial locations after Ring Road completion.

Its presence on the CPEC route creases the significance of the location. The location of this alluring program snatches the scrutiny and attention of investors and consumers likewise.

Development Status 

25 % of the earthwork of Block A has been completed by RMRSCO in the initial stages. After the shift in the construction plan that development work has halted, still, a few works are going on here and there may be the proper work will be continued after pre-requisites are finalized. 

The development of Mivida city is in its initial stage. Work like earthwork is continuing at sector S2, Block – C, and work on the signal-free main boulevard adjacent to Chakri Road is also going on. Work on the main access road and Grand Jamia Masjid with self-sustainable elements are also in progress.

Project Map

Rudn Enclave has only published the partial map of some blocks. Block A to Block G. Block A, C, F, and G are for residential purposes comprising 5 marks to 1 Kanal residential plot as well as 4 marlas, 8 marks, and 1 Kanal commercial plot. B block is earmarked for the villa. Street size is a minimum of 30 feet and maximum road size is 60 feet.

General block

This is the first entry area of Rudn Enclave, and this is the same area of Rawalpindi Ring Road Interchangeable which is designed next to the society’s entrance. 

The work on the general block is a little bit delayed because of the Ring Road Alignment which has resulted in specific shifts in the master plan. The development work will resume as soon as the final changes are decided by NESPAK.

Executive Block 

This is a newly launched residential block that includes residential plots of 7 marlas, 10 Kanal, and commercial plots of 4 marla and8 marla and 1 Kanal. 

Mivida City Islamabad has formulated a highly innovative master plan for society. 50,000 Kanal will be formulated now, and the project will be expanded to 100,000 Kanal.

This society is divided into different sectors and blocks, filled with modern-day luxuries for life.

Attractive Neighborhood Centers (Markaz) will be created within sectors. Every neighborhood will get easy access to all facilities at 10-15 minutes walking duration.

Every neighborhood will constitute:

A mosque, Independent Commercial Area, School, Park and Children Play Area, Community Facilities

Mivida pursues the “city within a city” vision.

Autonomous integrated policies will be formulated, and a biological environment will be conserved. The Eco-City, Education City, Business City, Golf Club, and Lake City, Retail Commercial Zones, NeighborhoodMarkaz, Outlets and Shopping Malls Farmer Markets, Administrative, and Amenity City are the innovations 

The residential area is divided into different plot sizes mentioned below:

  • 5.5 Marla: 139 Yards (25*50)
  • 8 Marla: 200 Yards (30*60)
  • 10 Marla: 253 Yards (35*65)
  • 14 Marla: 350 Yards (42*75)
  • 20 Marla: 500 Yards (50*90)
  • 40 Marla: 1,000 Yards (75*120) 

Features and Amenities 

Rudn Enclave is planned in such a modern way that the residents living over the area will be provided with all types of comfort and facilities. As the company has hired NESPAK as the development consultancy it will be much more convenient.

Other than that they have secured gate communication and boundary wall, Smooth connectivity through a web of broad roads, Smart Security and Surveillance systems, Uninterrupted supply of basic utilities, Water filtration plant for residents, Public transport facility, Dedicated commercial areas, and shopping complex, Five-star Hotels and restaurants,

Theme Park, playgrounds, and jogging tracks along with Masjids, schools and park in all blocks, Cricket stadium with Club are also there for sports freaks and children, Lake view park, Eiffel Tower monument, Gold class cinema, International standard Golf course and Reserved area for graveyard are also available. 

Mivida City Islamabad is enhanced with never-before-seen details and conveniences for unique satisfaction and stability. Its design attains to the regulations of residents and provides high-end amenities permanently.

A creative strategy and progressed real estate expansion make it stand out from its opponents.

Eco-friendly features such as low carbon emissions, less water conception, Intelligent Rain and Storm Water collection, storage, and management, WWTP, WTP, WCT, etc are their specialties. Smart features such as Smart Surveillance and Security system for uninterrupted security,

Smart Power Grids is planned for generation of conservative energy, Smart monitoring, and metering system for energy usage automated street lighting system, smart traffic management system with agile passage finding, Smart Parking Lots, Smart Hazard management and prediction system optimal resident platform and portals for timely assistance, convenient Electric Car charging stations and points throughout the society Intelligent Air pollution control arrangement are offered here. Basic, Entertainment, and Advanced Amenities are provided in the society.

Price And Payment Plans 

Rudn Enclave delivers a variety of residential and marketable plot choices comprising luxury farmhouses next to Khasala dam and Jawa dam. Booking is started at just a 20% down payment and the balance amount is payable in 4 years through monthly installments.

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For residential plots, the price will start from 12,00,000 and will go up to 35,28,000, and for commercial plots, it starts from 26,40,000, and for the largest plot it is 150,00,000 and the farmhouse it states from 92,00,000 and goes up to 160,00,000.

Mivida City Islamabad delivers residential as well as commercial plots, modern business/ commercial regions. Presently, residential plots are given with pre-launch prices.

Mivida instructed easy installment plans for residential plots. The total price can be completed in 3.5 years with 14 quarterly installments after a 10% down payment.

  • Customers can benefit from a 10% discount on finished payments.
  • Likewise, a 5% discount can be benefited on half payment.
  • 10% Additional charges will be applicable on classification plots.
  • In expansion to the above, a 15% extra amount will be charged for main boulevard plots.
  • Authorization charges should be paid within 1 month of booking.
  • The 1st installment is due within 3 months of booking.
  • All the mentioned prices are limited to development charges.

The land price starts from 1,499,000 and goes up to 9,499,000. 

Investment Potential 

Rudn Enclave is one of the top 3 housing programs which are going to the ultimate benefit of the forthcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road.

The chances of increasing the price of the plot are high. If considered a reluctant estimate of determining advantage, return on investment in Rudn Enclave at the current price of the residential plot is expected to grow by 20 to 30% per annum, at the same time commercial plot prices are expected to grow by 50% per annum.

The location of Mivida city is also a place where there is a high chance of price hikes in the future.

Why Invest In Mivida City and Rudn Enclave: 

Mivida CityRudn Enclave
Efficient water consumption24×7 water and electricity
They have a Water recycling plant to reduce the water wasted.Various shopping centers, malls, and markets
Enough space to store rainwater for various uses.Nearby with all top societies, major place, and connect with reading roads
Amazing parking place for vehicleProtect you with 24×7 CCTV facilities
Best theaters, gaming zone, and gyms.Best schools, colleges, and universities.
Top class universities, colleges and schools.Theme park
Best air pollution system integrated.World-class hospitality
Advance way to control trafficPolice station to protect you
Top-class plot for residential, and commercialsSolid waste disposal mechanism

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

Mivida City:

Both places don’t require special or too many documents to book plots, although the basic documents are enough. Here is the list of documents that you will be required to submit when you book a plot in Mivida City. Find the list below.

  1. NICOP for overseas clients.
  2. Two passport sizes of photo.
  3. Two copies of each (National identity card and ID card).

Rudn Enclave:

In Rudn Enclave you also have to submit the same documents mentioned above. The basic documents required to submit are as follows.

  1. Two passport sizes of photo.
  2. Two xerox copies of Government-issued ID card of next Kin
  3. Two xerox copies of your national ID card.
  4. NICOP for NRI buyers.

You Must Follow the Following Guidelines While Purchasing/Sale of Plots in Rudn Enclave or Mivida City:

Document Verification:

Verify you submitted documents to avoid unwanted misunderstandings and miscommunications. You should also get information about NOC and approval documents before you purchase or sell any property in Mivida City. The same thing applies with Rudn Enclave you need to verify developers duly approved by the RDA before getting into the property.

Financial Security: 

Make sure that funds align with your buying structure before making any sale or purchase of the plot or properties to avoid unnecessary issues in Mivida City. The same terms apply in Rudn Enclave.

Property Visits:

The next most important thing to keep in mind, that when you purchase and right after purchase of the property, you should travel to the site to ensure the provided documents and papers are as it is as the underplot specification in Mivida City. The terms are not different in Rudn Enclave as well.

Attention: The information given above is according to the present time, it can be changed in the coming time without prior notice, so to avoid such things it is very important to take the information on buying or selling the property.

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Is the RUDN enclave legal?

Yes, the Rudn enclave is a completely legal place to buy your dream plot. As they have built the society with one of the leading contractors, and provide you with world-class facilities including a theme park, gym, shopping complex, 2×7 security, and many others.

#2. How to invest in Mivida City Islamabad?

The Property Guider is Official Sales Partner, You can click here to Request Call Back from Sales Executive, also if you’ve any queries you can reach them [+92 (336) 885 52843] by using this number.

#3. What is Rudn Enclave and how is it different from other housing societies?

Rudn Enclave is a revolution in the residential society, it’s already captured the market, because of it’s high-tech technology, and top-class facilities. Also, the location of the society is nearby to Adiala road and Rawalpindi Ring Road. That’s the benefit’s making it different from other housing societies.

#.4 Is it an affordable residential Project in Mivida City?

If you’re seriously thinking of investing in Mivida City, then keep your worries away about pricing. Mivida City maintains a decent balance between the buyers and the pricing. You can book a luxury plot in Mivida city at a pocket-friendly price.

#5. What is the Mivida City Islamabad address?

The official address of Mivida City Islamabad is Mivida City Islamabad, Off Chakri Interchange, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, M-2 Rawalpindi, 44000, Pakistan, Contact for Bookings [+92 (336) 885 52843].


Both Mivida City and Rudn Enclave are unique in their way, both are good assets that are comfortable for living as well as for commercial purposes. Living in Mivida city will be more comfortable for some who are looking for an eco-friendly atmosphere they promise to provide to the residents.

The easy access to the two locations is another peculiarity of this development plan and also the developers are a hundred percent trustworthy. Compared to the price the places should be very comfortable and facilitating both of them is guaranteeing the most gorgeous experience.

Always keep in mind that before getting a plot for yourself for anything make sure to do proper research about the place and the future value of the area checking whether it is good for living and having easy access to all the technology and area is important. I hope this article was helpful for you, if you still have any questions or suggestions leave us a comment below.