Capital Smart City vs Rudn Enclave : 5 Point Comparison

Capital Smart City vs Rudn Enclave

Are you confused about whether to invest money in either Capital Smart City vs Rudn Enclave? If so, then don’t go away because here you’ll get all your queries regarding the same going to be solved within a couple of minutes. We’re going to explore both Capital Smart City and Rudn Enclave on various aspects like pricing, features, payment plans, and many others.

All the luxurious features and modern services that we are accustomed to in today’s developed society. A smart city is still considered one of a kind, in the sphere of league consisting of all the housing societies of Pakistan. 

Two of which are Capital Smart City and Rudn Enclave, situated in the heart of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Capital Smart City, resides at the junction of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

Consisting of its most popular overseas prime block that is specially built for the overseas Pakistanis. Capital smart city Islamabad is the signature project of the Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) and Future Holding Development (FDH)

Capital Smart City is touching the high sky in 2021 mainly due to its location, having the new Islamabad International Airport and M2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway in its vicinity certainly played a key role in increasing its popularity. 

This block has its special entrance for Chakri road. However, it doesn’t mean this luxurious capital smart city doesn’t have its competition. Of course, it has and the name of the competitor is the Rudn Enclave

We are sure most of you are not unaware of the Rudn Enclave, as it is one of the leading names in the business of real estate, which believes in delivering top-class facilities, and amenities at affordable prices.

Another emerging housing scheme in Pakistan must be the Rudn Enclave. Situated in the highly modernized city of Rawalpindi. Which is consistently rising for the past decade. 

From the house scene perspective, the Rudn Enclave is a stand our investment especially due to its features, increasing market value, and great location. A NESPAK design, which is a leading name in the real investment market. 

Ruden Enclave is nothing less than a masterpiece. Rudn Enclave is spread over 20,000 Kanals on the Adyala Road, opposite Bahria town phase 8 extension, near Jarrar Camp. 

Rudn Enclave will provide brilliant residential settings with its affordable price in the ever-increasing housing market.

Both Islamabad and Rawalpindi are two excellent choices to live in Pakistan, where new housing schemes will continue to rise.

However, the sole purpose of this article is two identify the differences between the two leading housing schemes today. To help you decide which one you should invest in.

Capital Smart City vs Rudn Enclave Detailed Comparisons

In this detailed post, we will explore both the popular real estate places (Capital Smart City and Rudn Enclave), and here we will also provide you with a detailed conclusion of both. After going through this post, you’ll be more than comfortable choosing the best one within your budget. As both, the project offers international-level features and other benefits so that you should understand both of them deeply before you put your money into them. Let’s dive into the depths and understand what you got in these projects, and how much is the price difference.

Note: Currently, the best place to book a great slot for either residential or commercial is the Capital Smart City or Rudn Enclave. But we have done deep research on both projects and came up with the detailed comparison. Both projects belong to Pakistan, but which is good to invest in? Find the reason below and why? 

Facilities That Capital Smart City Offers

Let’s begin the topic and find out what facilities that you’re going to have in Smart City. At Capital Smart City as mentioned, you will find the highly beloved Overseas Prime Block. The development of this housing structure was done by thoroughly adopting the modern facilities one can hope for.

All of the 21st-century urban amenities and planning principles have been implemented in the Capital Smart City:

1. Safety and Security: 

We will begin with safety and security as it is one of the essential things to consider before investing the hard-earned money in any project, isn’t it? After all the high-end luxury provided by the builder, if the security is not top-notch, the entirety of this effort will go in vain.

This may come across as the top concern of many residents. The society must be safe and secure from all sides to let the residents sleep in peace.

This is why in Capital Smart City, they have constructed a boundary wall, with full-proof high-tech security cameras.

Security guards have been appointed to each entrance gate. As well as a comprehensive security plan has been well executed.

2. Available Amenities at Capital Smart City:

In the overseas prime block, you will be offered globally popular features and amenities any high civilized society might need.

  • 24/7 water supply ( from water treatment plant)
  • 24/7 gas
  • 24/7 electricity (from the solar farm and the grid station)
  • Universities 
  • School 
  • Colleges
  • Planned theme parks and recreational area
  • Grocery shops/ Shopping Center
  • Markets/malls/marts
  • Other main locations and societies are in close vicinity 
  • Easy accessibility 
  • Gated society with security gates and surveillance cameras, CCTV cameras & security which are available 24×7 with recording.
  • A peaceful/healthy/secure environment 
  • Automatic utility supply
  • Free wifi available 
  • Fire extinguish mechanism for emergencies 
  • Well planned drainage system and waste disposal installed
  • Civil defense system
  • Roads, streets lanes, and walkways for pedestrians along with street lights
  • Green smart and sustainable housing society 
  • Loading shedding free zone
  • Wide planned and carpeted the main boulevard

Facilities That Rudn Enclave Offer

Rudn is owned by the RMRSCO Private Limited. When it comes to providing well-off amenities and facilities, Rudn Enclave is not behind at all. The developers of Rudn Enclave have facilitated the residents of this housing society with the top-notch features as well. 

To help accustom them to the most peaceful and lavish lifestyle they desire. They aim to facilitate a luxury lifestyle with high-end amenities for people with varying income levels by providing affordable rates. This is what makes Rudn Enclave a great place to invest in.

Amenities you will find at Rudn Enclave:

  • The location is near an army residential colony i.e. the Jarrar Camp to enhance the security.
  • Two neighboring water bodies are available to provide ample supply
  • 24/7 Electricity ( Like the Khasala village nearby )
  • 24/7 gas availability. 
  • Surrounded by a good population of civilized society from the twin cities. Hence, improves the amenity provision. 
  • Two accessible active entrance
  • Occupy 40ft wide carpeted streets, and 60 ft – 200ft roads for smooth transportation in and out of the society.
  • World-class Schools are developed to improve education all around.
  • High-level Colleges have been built where students can study higher-level education.
  • Health, religious centers, and mosque are available for all the residents
  • Malls, brand outlets, Cricket stadiums, theme parks, and 5 star hotels are all in its vicinity 
  • A skywalk is under development on the neighboring dam as well as tourist spots for your supreme enjoyment 
  • Entertainment amenities like parks, water sports, food courts, and open spaces are meant to improve your living experience.
  • Safely Gated community
  • Nonstop security and maintenance is available 
  • Various types of Supermarkets are available. 

Economic Benefits At Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City is almost standing on its feet. However, it is still in its initial development phases. The project is extremely ambitious, to say the least. Due to its preliminary phase, it makes this a golden opportunity for investors to invest in today. 

However, once this masterpiece is fully executed, then the prices will reach higher and higher. 

For realtors and investors, the most beneficial feature of Capital Smart City is its affordable installment plans that are formulated by the management

The prices are initially set at low cost. To build a relationship of trust between the client. With that, these gradual developments not only will become available for sale but so will be the homes.

You could apply for this offer for a new house on sale, or an old or big house as well as more affordable cheap houses. Similarly, big plots, medium plots, and small plots or 3 and 5 Marla are all available for purchase.

Economic Benefits At Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave consists of several residential blocks just like most modern housing schemes. The complete plan comprises of:

  • General Block
  • Farmhouses
  • Executive block
  • Upcoming overseas block

The prices for Rudn enclave are comparatively affordable than the smart capital city. By providing almost the same amenities at a cheaper price, Rudn Enclave defines the cake here. However, this affordable price is steadily witnessing a rise in value over time. 

As the general block is providing affordable localities for different customer’s niches. The same is not seen in the Executive block. 

Especially packed with ultimate luxury this is why the prices are higher here.  The overseas block will also be inaugurated soon.

Location In Capital Smart City

Let’s talk about the location of the Capital Smart City. Capital Smart city location has increased the value for this housing society in the market. One of the most appealing reasons to invest in this society can be gauged by the prime location that it offers to its investors. 

As return on the investments is primarily based on the location and features provided. Which will persuade the investor to trust the society and its builders. Capital Smart City offers a fast and easy way to the new Islamabad airport. 

While it’s location is of utmost supreme being connected to the M-2 Motorway and Chakri road. This plays a huge factor for owners to have chosen this housing society for their investments. 

Also, the location of the overseas prime block is located on the most supreme site in the capital block. 

Location In Rudn Enclave:

So location is one of the vital factors that investors should consider and worry about before they invest in real estate, and that is none other than location, isn’t it? Here we’re going to explore the exact location of both. 

Residing in a prominent neighborhood with access to many major cities, landmarks, and roads of the twin cities. Located on the Adyala Road of Rawalpindi which is on the other side of Bahria Town Phase 8 extension. 

Important sites nearby include Lahore Islamabad M-2 Motorway and the new Islamabad airport. Both are easily accessible from the Rude Enclave. 

At a distance of approximately 15 km, it will take you 15-20 minutes to reach the airport. Jarrar Camp is in the vicinity. An army official Camp. 

Rawalpindi Ring Road is passing through the Rudn Enclave, which connects the society to GT Road as well along with the Motorway M-2. 

Two natural dams of Jawa Dam and Khasala Dam in the South West and Northwest lie next to the society. 

Providing easy access to the routes of other major points like the Saddar, Motorway, and Chakri Interchange in Rawalpindi. 

The society is accessible from 2 main entrance points that are situated on the Adyala Road and once access is available on Chakri Road. 

Different Payment Plans At Capital Smart City

Finally, we’ve touched the rope, where everyone’s last point of view about any property is the price and they search for the best price and you can find it in the payment plan at the capital smart city. The Capital Smart City consists of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 12 Marla, along with 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal blocks. Meant to cater to the needs of all income groups in Pakistan.

Serial no.Plot sizeTotal price
5 Marla
7 Marla
10 Marla
12 Marla
1 Kanal
2 Kanal 

Different Payment Plans At Rudn Enclave

Here is the list of Rudn Enclave payment plans that you get at Rudn. In Rudn Enclave you will also see options for a 7 Marla and 10 Marla plot with 1 Kanal option. For only residential areas.While for Commercial Plots, the price is higher consisting of 4 Marla and 8 Marla only. 

Residential Plots Price Plan:

Serial No. Plot SizeTotal Price
7 Marla
10 Marla
1 kanal

Commercial plot price plan:

Serial No.Plot SizeTotal Price
4 Marla  
8 Marla

Note: Currently, these are the prices at both platforms, but these can be changed at any time without any further notice on our blog. So, we recommend you go through the actual price.

Future benefits In Capital Smart City

Okay, let’s figure out what are the benefits these two projects offer you? Because people can invest at a higher price but investors need the top class benefits. So, if you are thinking of investing in Overseas Prime Block in the Capital Smart City, it is important to remember that the society is an approved and legal housing scheme that has acquired its non-objection certificate from the Rawalpindi development authority. 

So when it comes to legality concerns, you will find no such issue in the Capital Smart City. And lastly, investing in Capital Smart City exclusive block overseas will surely provide high-yielding investments in return. 

Mainly due to its affordability, features, and probably for being the first Smart City of Pakistan. The developers of this housing society will ensure you of all the pros and cons of these investments. 

As any investor who is looking for an investment opportunity must make sure of all the possible highs and lows of it. Not to worry here as the overseas prime block guarantees a high margin profit on its investment. 

If you are investing today, that means you can easily reap benefits from its low-cost payments, and after 2-3 years you will be able to have a margin returned with its complete development. Possibly double of today’s input. 

Future benefits In Rudn Enclave:

Honestly, with the current standard of living that Rudn is providing to its customers, it is not hard to predict that this housing society has a bright future ahead. With it standing amongst the top 3 projects in Pakistan. 

That will benefit the most from the upcoming Ring Road Project. With the projection of even 20% of the development of Ring Road will surely highly impact the increasing value of Rudn Enclave. 

The future in this society primarily depends upon its neighborhood as well. Rudn Enclave is surrounded by various well-developed housing societies as well. 

Like PIA Officers Housing Society, Star Avenue Rabia Residency, Bahria Town, Blue World City, Al-Haram city as well as its most discussed competitor Capital Smart City

This combination of various housing societies surrounding the Rudn Enclave will certainly help in succeeding this project to a large extent. 

However, the same can be said about the Capital Smart City as well. Rudn also presents a high investment potential for its investors and some smart planners are already reaping the benefits from it to their advantage.

Attention: There are multiple families and investors looking to invest in a high-end housing scheme in Pakistan. Two of which are Capital Smart City and Rudn Enclave. The purpose of this article is to do a thorough comparison between the two ambitious projects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the RUDN enclave a good investment?

Ans. Rudn Enclave belongs to Rawalpindi, that main motto is to provide you with luxury and international standards places at affordable prices. Rudn enclave also promises to offer you top-class amenities, and we’ve gone through their entire project, so in 2021 or 2022 this is going to be the best place to invest.

  1. Who owns the RUDN enclave?

Ans. The owner of the Rudn enclave is RMRSCO PVT LTD, who handled the entire project and contracted for 2 years with NESPAK. Rudn enclave has separated 10,000 Kanals of land which is considered a large project.

  1. Is a capital smart city a good investment?

Ans. Good investment means the money is in a safe hand, right? We can assure you that investing in a capital smart city means you’re putting your money in safe hands without any risk. This project is duly approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority and had a no-objection certificate.

  1. Is capital smart city Islamabad approved by CDA?

Ans. Yes, Capital Smart City is approved by CDA as it provides you with a top-class and luxury place to live. The Capital Smart City Islamabad has residential and commercial plots and places that are fully approved by the CDA, which means it is the best place to invest in real estate.

  1. Capital smart city Islamabad prices?

Ans. The Capital Smart City comes with various prices which start from 2,415,000/- and up to 12,190,000/-, in between they have several prices according to the place. You can scroll up a bit and find out all the prices. 

In Conclusion

You will perhaps find the overseas prime block of capital smart city to be providing all the attractive lifestyles one can hope for. From all the reasons that we have mentioned it is obvious this society will give a wonderful living environment to many individuals. 

Plus you will get your money increased in value tremendously in the near future. However, the same facilities are provided by the Rudn Enclave as well. 

Rudn is also a smartly planned residential project and both housing societies reside in each other’s locality hence, sharing multiple benefits together. 

Rudn does incorporate a more affordable option in its payment plan but in the future Capital city may give you more gains.

Now, which one to choose shall depend on you solely, but in the end you have two wonderful options with assured delivery of international standards of living. That’s all for today, don’t share your questions or suggestions regarding the same in the comment section.