Why Capital Smart City Islamabad Is a Good Investment Destination

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital city Islamabad has a lot to offer a potential investor. It has proximity to high population centers, it is home to many large industries, and the city also has a low cost of living for its residents. The government of Pakistan has invested in an extensive infrastructure project which will be remembered as one of the most successful ever undertaken in this country. These smart cities are designed with technology and sustainability in mind and would be an ideal place for investors who want to invest in Pakistan’s prospects. With the help of these smart city projects, Islamabad can change the lives of its citizens.

Owner & Developers of CSCI

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a megaproject that will have all the facilities of a city. Future Homes and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) have collaborated in the development of Capital Smart City Islamabad.  The expertise of Habib Rafiq (Pvt) is well-known in Pakistan; he is behind Royal Orchard, DHA, and Bahria housing societies located in Multan, Sargodha, and Sahiwal respectively.

Capital Smart City Location

Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is the newest and largest high-tech independent housing society to be developed in Rawalpindi.  Its location right off of the M-2 Motorway near Islamabad International Airport makes it accessible to any traveler with an airport layover, while its neighbors include AlMairaj Housing Scheme.

CSCI Total Area

Capital Smart Society recently developed a master plan for its society and targeted 55,000 kanals of land. It plans to add more blocks in the future. In August 2019, authorities requested an extension of the land for Capital Smart City. After receiving approval for expansion, 80,000 kanals will be allotted in June 2020 to become the largest housing society within its vicinity.

Facilities in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is striving to ensure the growth and future success of strategic land in the area. The goal of a Smart City is to achieve a model that maximizes efficiency for residents’ enjoyment and comfort.

The qualities of the major key factors in the capital city introduced by Capital Smart City are provided below.

1. Resources Management:

The Capital Smart City plan of developing a highly eco-friendly city is made to focus on creating the infrastructure in such a way that it strengthens the society’s natural characteristics and emphasizes sustainability. 

One important provision of this plan is an adequate supply of water, electricity, and an integrated system for managing solid waste.

the society is designed to be eco-friendly, allowing for the conservation of natural resources and ensuring that the surrounding environment has not been negatively impacted

Society is planned in such a way that prioritizing environmental preservation ensures that the surroundings remain undisturbed while simultaneously bringing peace and tranquility for residents.

2. Affordable Rates:

Capital Smart City and Overseas Prime Block are in their early development stages. The main features of the project are luxurious facilities with affordable rates which means it is an opportunity for investors to invest while it is still at an early stage.

Once the master plan is fully developed, prices may go up even further. An intelligent investor always considers investment opportunities; he knows which are good and which are not. Hence we recommend our esteemed clients to be wise investors and buy land in Overseas Prime Block as soon as possible.

It is a housing solution that offers high-quality accommodations and all modern amenities. It will meet your needs for both affordability and value.

3. Low-Cost Installment Plans:

The most advantageous feature for property and investors is the easy installment plan prepared by the management. The prices are low to establish a relationship of trust with investors. With the gradual development, not only will plots be available for sale but there will also be a house for sale.

You can also find offers for new homes, big houses, old houses, and cheap homes. Similarly, large plots, medium-sized plots, and small plots of 3 or 5 marlas are available for investors. So from this point of view, Islamabad could be the best place for Investment.

4. Overseas Prime Block is part of Approved Capital Smart City:

Legitimacy is one of an investor’s biggest concerns. As a result, you should know that Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City has gotten Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) and had received it before its funding from any legal body.

Local real estate brokers will have information on different housing societies in the area and can provide you with a second opinion.

5. A Safe & Secure Community:

Despite everything that is offered at high-end or upscale facilities, they are of no use if the developers and managers fail to provide safety and security to their residents. Residential societies are an important investment that provides residents with a secure life.

The developers installed a boundary wall and high-tech security to protect the residence. The residents also have CCTV cameras, gated entry points, and a guard stationed at all times.

6. High Yield Investment Returns:

One final reason for foreign investors to invest in this particular block is its high yield investment returns due to affordability, amenities, and smart features that are newer than anything ever seen in Pakistan. Developers have ensured that Prime Block is a sound investment. Once an investor has decided to invest, they want to know about the return on their valuable investment and high returns from overseas investment in Prime Block.

Investors are always chasing opportunities, and their recent one has been to buy property in the Twin Cities. Now they don’t need to spend a lot of time and resources searching for an opportunity because it’s already in this housing development that doesn’t require any research or introduction. If you invest now, your investment can go up higher once it’s fully developed.


After reading this post, you have some questions coming to your mind related to the same topic, therefore we have added FAQs below. You can find some of the common questions that people are looking for. 

1. What is a smart city and how is it different from other cities?

Unlike other housing societies, Overseas Prime Block is smart because it has a high level of intelligence and sensitivity programmed into it.

2. Why is it called Capital Smart City Islamabad If it falls under Rawalpindi Development Authority?

Capital Smart City is a whole city project encompassing both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Capital Smart City is also connected

3. Is the Capital Smart City a legal society?

Yes, it is 100% legal and legitimate according to the laws of Pakistan.

4. What unique and smart facilities are this society going to provide?

This smart city is characterized by fully cable-managed façades and landscapes. There are different models of villas available for purchase