Kingdom Valley VS Discovery Gardens Islamabad

kingdom valley islamabad vs discovery gardens Islamabad

Interested in investing your money and in between Kingdome Valley Islamabad or Discovery Garden Islamabad? But not able to decide which place to invest in? If the above sentence belongs to you then we can guarantee you after going through this post, you’ll be capable to decide the best one. 

Because in this detailed article we are going to explore these two (Kingdome Valley or Discovery Gardens) in various aspects such as price, payment plan, features, and many others. In the last few years, there has been a lot of change in the construction sector of Pakistan. 

The biggest reason for this is that very good decisions have been taken by the government at the right time, due to which construction companies are getting a lot of convenience in doing new projects.

In Islamabad, Pakistan, There are two big housing society projects Work is currently underway, the first being Kingdom valley and the second being Discovery Gardens.

Discovery Garden Islamabad is being constructed by Falak Naaz Group, in front of Capital Smart City, near New Islamabad Airport. While The famous Kingdom Group has built the kingdom valley, and Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid is chairman and CEO of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. 

So are you excited to know more about it, if yes, then stay tuned with us till the end? 

Kingdom Valley Islamabad overview

Before we dive into the topic, first understand the Kingdome Valley. This housing society project comes under NPHP stands for (Naya Pakistan Housing Program) initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan. This futuristic residential project is approved by NPHDA ( Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority ) under the developing supervision of Kingdom Group.

Kingdom Valley project is being developed by the best construction and development teams with a lot of planning and professionalism. Several experienced architects, designers, engineers, and builders are working on the project to make Naya Pakistan Housing Program successful because the Kingdom Valley residential project comes under Prime Minister Scheme.

Kingdom Valley society provides a luxurious high-end lifestyle with top-class amenities. Kingdom Group is a well-known history of constructing high-tech infrastructure projects. They were developing state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-planned community facilities like Amusement Parks, Grand mosques, Schools, and Hospitals.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad housing project is a cost-effective housing society that aims to deliver high-end lifestyle homes to even an average-income man. This project is a great initiative for investors to buy cost-effective 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential plots with high-quality amenities at a low cost to provide a sizable profit in the coming years.

Kingdom Valley is currently under construction, and developers are working hard to give a high level of competence and service at a reasonable cost.

Discovery Gardens overview

Here you’ll get details of Discovery gardens in depth. Discovery Gardens’ tagline is “rediscover luxury living,” which means Falaknaz Group plans to deliver state-of-the-art hi-tech facilities. 

Keeping in mind all futuristic requirements, this public housing apartment will provide you with secured environment accommodation at a prime location surrounded by a lush green ambiance.

Discovery Garden developer Falaknaz Group is a well-known construction firm with more than 15 special mega-development housing projects, especially in Karachi. This project is going to be a decent place for investment.

This housing society is also an ambitious destination, especially for those who want to own their land and make a gorgeous and ideal family home. People of this society can easily access the major landmark of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in the future. We ensure two qualities you must see in society’s socially diverse and uncompromising security system.

Kingdom Valley and Discovery Gardens Location

As we can assume you go through the basic details about these two, right? Here we are sharing the exact location of both of them two. Kingdom Valley is located nearby Lahore- Islamabad Motorway (M-2).

This society is easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, there are several famous nearby landmarks and places like Chakri Toll Plaza, Kharam Bhari Memorial Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This society is easily accessible from different twin cities, including nearly 5 minutes from Chakri Road and 20 minutes from Islamabad Airports.

discovery Gardens is located at Lahore- Islamabad Highway alongside Capital Smart City and other well-known housing societies. This society residents have direct access to all major destinations of twin cities via Motorway M-2 and Rawalpindi Ring Road. Current access to the project is through a service road that starts from Thalian Interchange and leads directly up to Discovery Gardens.

This society is easily accessible from the new Islamabad International Airport, a nearby 15-minute drive, and Rawalpindi Ring Road is just 3 kilometers away from Discovery Gardens.

Kingdom Valley VS Discovery Gardens NOC

NOC is one of the important aspects of any real estate investment, isn’t it? Let’s understand about NOC. As you know, Kingdom Valley comes under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Scheme, “Naya Pakistan Housing Program.” The NOC of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is submitted, and NAPHDA approves all the documents of the housing society, and their approval serial number is “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021”.

Developers of Discovery Gardens have submitted the issuance of NOC ( No Objection Certificate) application to the Development Authority of Rawalpindi. Once land ownership is verified, more than 15,000 Kanal land project plan is approved, and NOC will be issued to Discovery Gardens. At the same time, another 21000 kanals of land are in the process of acquisition. Hence They are planning to expand the area to 36,000 Kanal.

Discovery Gardens Facilities & Amenities

Another important factor is Amenities and facilities. Because every investor looks for the amenities and facilities before spending money. Because the facilities and amenities are not good in your investment then it can be serious trouble, Right? 

Discovery Gardens Islamabad is one of the largest housing developments with future mega expansion plans to 36,000 Kanal. Society location living experience is ever-green surrounding with Margiela Hills deliver beautiful landscape with nature. Its developers plan to develop world-class amenities and luxury facilities for its residents.

Falaknaz Group’s master plan is society has a modern gated community with a nature-friendly environment. They reserved large are for public parks, gardens, and green areas. 

They plan to build something bigger and unique grand entrance gate to make the residents feel secure and proud. Apart from this they also focus on entertainment area where Children can enjoy with their friends. Here are some amenities that are offered in Discovery Gardens Islamabad :

  • Secured Community: The developers are planning to deliver 24×7 Full Proof Security features equipped with security surveillance and security personnel. Facial and object recognition CCTV cameras will be installed. So you don’t need to be worried while living in Discovery gardens, as surveillance keeps eye on your always. 
  • Underground Utilities: This society is so well planned that they offer an underground supply of water, electricity, and gas connections—also, a well-designed Sewerage system for proper drainage of sewerage and rainwater throughout the apartment.
  • Health and Education: Society offer a fully equipped medical facility to its residents. Apart from hospitals, top-class education schools and institutions are also available. In serious health issues, you can stay here without any medical fear.
  • Mosque: Religious locations are imperative to our religion. That’s why developers plan to build a centrally located grand Jamia Masjid with a multi-story complex host, a Library, and a learning center for kids. 


You can find some of the amazing facilities that this city offers you. There are plenty but we are sharing a few of them. 

  • Gated Community with Grand Entrance.
  • 24/7 Security surveillance, means you’ll be protected all the time.
  • 24/7 Electricity, gas, water, so no need to worry about the shortage of gas, water, or electricity.
  • Hospital and private clinics for better and immediate treatment.
  • Educational institutions surely enhance the education system.
  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • Community Center
  • Cafes and Restaurants within the society.
  • Walking & Cycling Trails
  • Two Beautiful Lakes
  • Wide and Carpeted Roads
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Wi-fi facility.
  • central park
  • Solar Energy System to generate 24×7 electricity and reduce the power bills.
  • Grave Yard

Kingdom Valley Facilities & Amenities

Kingdom Valley is spread over a land area of 15,000 kanals. Society developers plan to reserve large portions of land for multiple residential, commercial plots, villas, and farmhouses at affordable rates. 

They plan to develop several amenities like educational institutes, hospitals, markets, health care centers, parks, and playgrounds within the housing scheme. And the most important thing is that they are planning to build a golf course inside the Kingdom Valley.

Also, a large network of roads and boulevards will be built-in society. They are planning to make Kingdom Valley an environment-friendly residential community, And for this purpose, they will plant several flowers, trees, and green belts. Here are some amenities that are offered in Kingdom Valley Islamabad :

  • Security: Their Developer and planners give Major focus on a security system. That’s why they integrated CCTV surveillance, Metal detector, boundary walls, and Security guard. They don’t want to compromise with the security of the residents. Gatekeeper ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the premises of the residential society.
  • Environment-friendly: society has an eco-friendly environment due to the huge gardens, parks, playgrounds, and nurseries.
  • Mosques: for worship, The developers plan to build several mosques in every block of society.  
  • Roads and Boulevards: According to society layout details, a large part of the land is allocated for wide streets and boulevards along with streetlights and plants.
  • Educational and medical: The developers reserved a part of the land for constructing schools, colleges, and hospitals. However, several educational institutes, hospitals, and clinics are located nearby.


  • 24/7 Electricity, Gas & Water
  • 24/7 Emergency Help Center
  • 24/7 security surveillance system
  • Grand Mosque
  • Gyms and Fitness Club
  • Broad Roads and wide Boulevard
  • Green Belts along the street
  • Commercial Markets
  • Sewerage & Drainage Systems
  • Hospital and educational institute.
  • internet services
  • Beautiful Parks and Gardens
  • Natural friendly environment
  • Basketball court and Football Ground
  • Various types of playgrounds for kids and adults.
  • Community hall
  • A swimming pool within the society makes it more attractive. 

Discovery Gardens Payment Plan

Discovery Gardens housing society is currently at the pre-launch phase. They offer several plots at a reasonable price with four years easy installment plan. As you know, society gets their No obligation certificate from authorities. So there is a high chance that the price will increase anytime.

5 Marla residential plot price is PKR 19,80,000 for booking you have to pay 4,50,000. The 48-month installments cost PKR 16,500, and the yearly installment is 147,000. At, possession 150,500.

The 8 Marla residential plot price is PKR 29,80,000 for booking you have to pay 6,50,000. The 48-month installments cost PKR 27,500, and the yearly installment is 190,000. At, possession 250,000.

The 10 Marla residential plot price is PKR 37,80,000 for booking you have to pay 8,50,000. The 48-month installments cost PKR 36,500, and the yearly installment is 225,000. At, possession 300,000.

The Total price for 1 Kanal residential plot is PKR 61,80,000. For booking, you have to pay 13,50,000. The 48-month installments cost PKR 54,500, and the yearly installment is 428,000. At, possession 428,000.

The Total price for 2 Kanal residential plots is PKR 98,80,000. For booking, you have to pay 2,150,000. The 48-month installments cost PKR 72,500, and the yearly installment is 900,000. At, possession 428,000.

Additional charges

Here are some of the additional charges you may need to pay, go through the list below.

  • Prices for corner plots will be increased by 10%
  • Costs for main road plots will be increased by 15%
  • Prices for park facing plots will be increased by 10%
  • Extra Charges for corner + main road plots will be increased by 20%.

Kingdom Valley payment plan

Kingdom Valley offers you such an amazing payment plan that is attention-grabbing and hard to ignore. Kingdom Valley has divided into General and Executive Block apart from this Various types of residential Commercial plots luxury farmhouses and kingdom Villas are available. Every block offers luxurious facilities and amenities with different plot sizes.

The 5 Marla General block residential plot price is PKR 975,000, a downpayment of 1,17,000. 40-month installments cost PKR 9,000 and 8 BI- Annual fee is 43,500. At Balloting 150,000.

The 8 Marla General block residential plot price is PKR 1,350,000 downpayment 1,30,000. 

40-month instalments cost PKR 12,000 and 8 BI- Annual price is 82,500 At Balloting 200,000.

The 10 Marla General block residential plot price is PKR 1,650,000, the downpayment is 160,000. 40-month installments cost PKR 15,000 and 8 BI- Annual fee is 82,500 At Balloting 230,000.

The 1 Kanal General block residential plot price is PKR 2,500,000 downpayment of 275,000. 40-month installments cost PKR 26,000 and 8 BI- Annual fee is 104,375 At Balloting 350,000.

Why Invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Here comes the question of why you should invest your money in Kingdom valley? Kingdom Valley Islamabad also has a huge advantage because various popular areas are situated near the society. They have many residential and commercial plots and offer different farmhouses and villas.

This society comes under the government scheme and has got NOC approval from the concerned authority, due to which it is safe to invest in it. In this project, anyone from any financial background can purchase a plot.

Economic Benefits: This project is worth investing in due to ultra-modern standards facilities safe and secure environment. This project location is ideal, and it is located near several important landmarks in the capital city. the scope of society expansion is very high. Moreover, the upcoming development opens up new business prospects and acquisition chances. The rates of plots kingdom Valley are quite reasonable compared to other nearby housing Projects.

Future benefits: This is a great project for the average Pakistani due to the recent shift in urbanization. The return on investment in Kingdom Valley became highly profitable because investing in the M2-Motorway (Lahore-Islamabad) area will be an excellent investment value. For more information about this, you can scroll down and find the pros and cons section. 

Why Invest in Discovery Gardens

There are many eye-catching reasons to book a plot in Discovery Gardens. Discovery Gardens Islamabad is one of the most featured housing projects in ideal economic, commercial, and social hubs. In the present scenario, every family wants to have their own house or invest their money in some good project to get financial support from it in the future.

The real estate sector is growing day by day. In such a situation, before buying or investing in a property, you have to invest money in the right place and on the right project. So that your investment becomes safe and you can get good returns in the future.

Investing in Discovery Garden will be beneficial because it will become a residential hub for twine cities people in the upcoming time. And this project has got Noc approval from the government authority, due to which people’s trust in this project has increased even more.

Economic Benefits: In terms of economic benefits, location plays a vital role in the upcoming Lahore- Islamabad Motorway (M-2) becoming the most developed and prosperous area. Discovery Gardens is considered one of the best investment points in Islamabad, and this place has futuristic potential growth of jobs and opportunities.

Future benefits: Discovery Gardens was developed by the well-known Falaknaz Group. His previous housing projects have given people a good investment return, and his last track record is quite good. From pre-launching until now, discovery gardens prices and demand are increasing. 

You can get 80 to 100 percent growth on your investment in the coming time. So Discovery gardens can be your dream place to buy a place as it provides you world-class facilities and other benefits, also many big investors have already invested in Discovery Gardens. You can give it a try if you’re seeking to dive into the real estate market. 

Kingdom Valley Islamabad pros and cons

As we have talked about these two, it’s time to find pros and cons. These pros and cons will surely open your eyes completely and help you to understand them properly. Let’s find out the Pros first. 

Pros of Kingdome Valley Islamabad:

  • It has a 4-year affordable installment plan.
  • 24/7 essential utilities are available.
  • Located at the ideal location.
  • This housing project is associated with the new Pakistan Housing authority.
  • Affordable housing society
  • Islamabad International Airport is located nearby.
  • Investment opportunity for every budget
  • Society Approved by NAPHDA
  • NOC has been approved

Cons of Kingdome valley Islamabad

  • Expectations of high plot rates

Discovery Gardens Islamabad pros and cons

Let’s find out Discovery Gardens Pros and cons. 


  • Affordable Rates of Properties
  • Noc approved
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Ideal Location and Accessibility
  • Safe, Secure, and Gated Community
  • luxurious infrastructure


  • Perception of high plot rates due to some of its nearby Projects Discovery Gardens is considered as expensive housing societies even at its pre-launching stage.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

#1. Is Kingdom Valley approved?

Yes, this is approved by Naya Pakistan Hous Development Authority which is also known as NAPHDA. This place is surrounded by multiple famous and popular areas of the city such as airports like New Islamabad Airport.

#2. Who is the owner of Kingdom Valley?

The owner of Kingdom Valley is Ghulam Hussain Shahid is the chairman & CEO of Kingdom Valley and the official address of this city is 3rd Floor Rehmat Plaza Office no, 24/25, G-11 Markaz G-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan which is 24×7 open for any inquiries. 

#3. What is the official website of Kingdome Valley and how to travel there?

You can simply click here to navigate there directly.

#4. Are pets allowed in Discovery Gardens?

Discovery Gardens completely allow residentials to bring their dogs inside the garden, as it has a complete dog-friendly environment. As we said they support dogs and allow users to bring them, furthermore, they have special facilities for dogs such as several lakes, doggie waste bins, pedestrian walkways, and many other. 

#5. Is Discovery Garden a good place to live?

As we talked about above about Discovery Garden overview, it is a complete package and could be the one-stop destination for your real estate investment. As it provides you many amenities and facilities therefore many tenants and investors take interest in this. It’s a well developed, well designed, with attractive facilities attracting more people towards it. Along with that, is affordable too.

#6. When was Discovery garden built?

Discovery garden completed its development in 2008 and it’s also knowns as one of the first newer gardens. It ensures you provide you with all the basic to advanced features and make your living even more comfortable.


Real estate is the highest returning investment of all time. People who are investing their money in real estate find it quick to increase the value. To keep the thing in mind we have brought a detailed comparison about Kingdome valley vs discovery gardens in Islamabad. 

In this detailed guide, we try to provide you with an honest view of these two cities. After looking at this important point, Kingdom Valley and Discovery Gardens Islamabad both are demandable housing projects in terms of features and amenities. Discovery Gardens has more hi-tech infrastructure compared to Kingdom Valley. 

If you have a low budget and want to invest or buy a house, you must invest in Kingdom Valley. Both housing projects are excellent choices for the investors to make money and for the residence to live in a traditional society. If you are looking to invest in two cities we hope after going through this post, you have got all your queries and doubts solved. If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, you can leave us a comment below.