The Major Facilities at Lahore smart city

The Major Facilities of Lahore smart city

Facilities at Lahore smart city

Lahore smart city Facilities – Lahore Smart city is an advanced housing society planned on the emerging concept of a smart city where you can get some elite lifestyle in Lahore city’s proximity. The community has some delightful features providing you with a luxurious life that has never experienced before.

Sustainable city

Lahore smart city will produce 100% of its energy from renewable and eco-friendly Sustainable electric methods like solar energy production. Moreover, all the development processes and machinery used are also eco-friendly. Lahore smart city has sustainability in its core value, and any future operation will not harm the environment.

Eco-friendly transport

The Lahore smart city contributes to keeping the environment healthy and clean. All the cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles in society will be electric. Lahore smart city follows the same principle that international urbanization is working to save our earth’s environment.

Smart transportation

You can track all the traffic via your mobile phone application. You can find the heavy and light traffic to go for office, school or shopping. Also, you can book vehicles through online booking and can pay digitally via an e-pay method.

Smart management

Lahore smart city has several real-time software installed for different Municipal tasks, which will be connected through the internet. This smart city approach will improve the services and enhance the quality of life of the residents of Lahore smart city.

  • Highly efficient technologies will be utilized for watering the plants. Gardeners will not need to water public parks and lawns. Automatic systems will check where and when the plants need Water and will water them accordingly.  
  • Moreover, streetlights tracking system will be installed to note the least usage hours and lowering or turning off the lights during those periods. Smart streetlight regulation will minimize electric consumption and eliminate wastage of energy.  
  • The traffic control software will be utilized, which will track any violation like overspeeding and instruct the driver.
  • All the charging stations will be available on GPS to track the nearest station from your place.
  • Management will control and store all the data regarding each management task. Officials will make decisions using efficient software to produce more optimized solutions for saving energy and improving the quality of services.

Smart homes

Homeowners will control home activities such as switching lights, closing doors, etc., with their Mobile. The homes will have smart appliances which you can remotely control. Your smart home will be on your smartphone, which you can command from the office or outside.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Lahore smart city is an international standard urban plan. Electric wiring and other supplies are underground, and the city is lovely in its beauty and development.

Recreational places

Recreation and enjoyment are also some of the most significant needs for society. Lahore smart city has Several Parks, theaters, sports complexes, and playgrounds to meet children and youngsters’ refreshment needs. You will find body-building clubs, jogging tracks, and gyms for your fitness passion.

Green and clean environment

One of the core elements of a smart city is to keep the environment healthy and maintain a sustainable city. Lahore smart city will have a sufficient amount of greenery throughout society to keep the environment natural and healthy for its residents. Planners have a keen eye on the natural part of the society, and they work to meet the international standard for the green part in an urban society.

Basic needs with a modern mean

Lahore smart city is a mega housing project that fulfils all the basic and higher needs of its residents. The community ensures a 24/7 supply of water, gas, and electricity. Also, it will have a sound drainage system.

Commercial area

Society will ensure the financial needs as well. Lahore smart city has its business sectors where you can do your own business or get a job from the diversified opportunities. The community includes commercial areas in several blocks, which provide shopping options and has vast business opportunities to stabilize the finance of the people within the community.