Investment Alert for Overseas Pakistanis: Lahore Smart City Offers Online Booking!

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Many overseas Pakistanis think of investing in real estate in Pakistan. But every housing society poses specific challenges that stop them from investing. For example, if you are an overseas Pakistani, you fear land grabbers because your plot can be grabbed when you are not present in Pakistan. Secondly, housing societies do not offer convenience in the payment process for overseas Pakistanis.

Therefore, many overseas Pakistanis miss out on lucrative deals that can secure their future. However, Lahore Smart City is now the best housing society for overseas Pakistanis, especially if you are living in the UK.

You can book online and pay online. Plus, you have three options to buy your plot in Lahore Smart City. 

Let’s explore each option for you.

Booking Through Overseas Authorized Dealer

Lahore Smart City has many overseas authorized dealers. You can contact them and book your plot with ease. The payment procedure will be through bank transfer, and you’ll get valid and legitimate papers for your plot. Plus, you’ll get papers that’ll hold in court if you have to face any complication in possession.

You can find details of overseas authorized dealers for Lahore Smart City here.

Booking Through Online E-Form

Lahore Smart City Offers online booking for all overseas Pakistanis. You don’t have to come to Pakistan to get papers. Everything will be mailed to you through trusted couriers.

For online booking of plots, you have to fill out an e-form and pay through a master card, visa card, or interbank transfer.

The booking form and payment procedure are available here.

Booking Through a Relative

If you have trusted relatives in Pakistan, then you have the best option available to book your plot in Lahore Smart City. Your relative has to come to any authorized dealers of Lahore Smart City and file for booking in your name. 

You can confirm everything through a phone call. Property file papers will be issued in your name, and you can get them mailed to your address.

Wrap Up

Time is running out, and spots are limited in Lahore Smart City. If you want to bag profits in the future or want to have an ideal residence in Lahore, then immediately reserve your spot in Lahore Smart City. You can find every detail here. Have a great day.