smart villas launched in capital smart city islamabad

Capital smart city Islamabad being the first smart city of Pakistan and 21st in the world, is backed up by many leading towns: HRL, FDHL, SJ, naming a few. It is a city which has exceptional facilities and services of global standards. We like to consider it not as a residential scheme but as a city that breathes. A city which you would like to call your home.

Capital Smart City has proudly launched Smart Villas in Capital smart City, where up to date technology is being used in full strength, in order to maximize efficiency. Its aim is to introduce Smart Homes. Capital Smart City never goes weary in serving people in true meanings.

This project, armed with ahead of time technology, will bring on innovation and contemporary residential venture, which will make this project a hallmark for housing schemes in the future. Capital Smart City is driven to change the semblance of real estate development and infrastructure in Pakistan.

Smart Villas at Capital Smart City:

Smart villas are actually Smart Homes which will introduce this new concept for the first time in Pakistan. Smart homes will allow home automation i.e. every appliance or device will be controlled through your mobile phones. From home security till room temperature and from gas sensors till motion sensors, everything will be controlled with the push of a button.

Therefore, taking full advantage of technological advances, Smart villas will make your lives convenient and luxurious. They are Smart Homes in real extent, becoming an indication of modern and state of the art real estate development.

Location of Smart Villas:

Smart Villas is located in the Overseas Block of Capital Smart City. It has a crystal lake on one side and the 18 hole Golf Course on the other.

The following Master Plan of Capital Smart City shows the exact location of Smart Villas.

Plot Size at Capital Smart villas:

Presently, Smart Villas are launched in the following two categories.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Price Plan at Capital Smart City:

Villa TypeClassicPremiumExclusive
Abbey Villas91,31,70011,876,70013,889,700
Strand Villas10,961,70013,706,70015,719,700
Harley Villas20,111,70023,771,70026,516,700
Regent Villas21,941,70025,601,70028,346,700

Smart Villas are available for booking on a 3 years flexible installments plan. Bookings of villas start from 10% down payment, followed by 10% confirmation charges after 30 days. First quarterly installment will be 10%, while remaining 10 quarterly installment will be 7% each.

Following is the schedule of payments:

Sr. No.Payment PlanPercentage
3First Quarter10%
4Second Quarter7%
5Third Quarter7%
6Fourth Quarter7%
7Fifth Quarter7%
8Sixth Quarter7%
9Seventh Quarter7%
10Eighth Quarter7%
11Ninth Quarter7%
12Tenth Quarter7%
13Eleventh Quarter7%

Types of Villas:

There are two main categories of Villas i.e. 5 Marla and 10 Marla. Each category has two main types of villas in terms of accommodation and interior. You will find a variety of housing options, irrespective of your family size, which have been tailored to your needs.

Following are the types of 5 Marla luxury villas in Trivelles Smart Homes Lake Boulevard:

  • Abbey Villas (5 marla-3 bedrooms)
  • Strand Villas (5 marla-4 bedrooms)

Following are the types of 10 Marla luxury villas in Trivelles Smart Homes Lake Boulevard:

  • Harley Villas (10 marla-4 bedrooms)
  • Regent Villas (10 marla-5 bedrooms)

More details about the types, features, floor plans and interior of each villas are given bellow:

Smart Features of Smart Villas:

Smart Villas allows you to access your house remotely via smart devices. The top salient features include:

  • Smart Switch: Regulate lights and home appliances through smart phones.
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor: Through smart phone, operate your Air-conditioner to maintain or adjust the temperature of your room.
  • Automated door lock: Control the lock system of your doors through smart phones while sitting at your office.
  • Carbon mono-oxide sensor: Through advance gas sensors, get a prior warning and alarm of gas leakage.
  • Smart doors and windows: To ensure maximum security, doors and windows are equipped with sensors. In case of any intrusion, get a warning alert on your smart phone.
  • Magic Box: Regulates all your appliances through smart phones. Puts an end to individual remote controls.
  • Remote Access: Have a control of your home electronics and appliances through your own smart devices.
  • Smart CCTV Camera: Whole indoor and outdoor of your home is secured by smart CCTV cameras. Have an eye at your house from anywhere in the world.
  • Smart Mirror: Touch sensitive large mirror in your bathroom will allow you to have access to your smart devices like phone, tablet or laptop, it would be directly connected to your device.

Other than this, keeping an eye on the climate of Pakistan, Centralized Cooling System through water will be installed on the roof to keep the temperature inside your home moderate. Smart windows and doors have Water leak sensors and will close automatically if it rains. Moreover, Automated Curtain Rail System, allow you to open and close the blinds or curtains through your smart device and it can be made to function automatically at any fixed time.

Services provided by the Management:

The Management is determined to keep the standard and facilities at its best. These will be made service-oriented villas and would provide ease and comfort. The main services provided by the management includes:

  • Maintenance of CCTV cameras.
  • Maintenance of green areas, street lights, roads, mosques and common areas.
  • Efficient garbage collection and disposal system.
  • Water treatment plant.
  • Security and Surveillance through professional team.

In addition to these community-level services, it is determined to serve the residents individually. The management team will handle the maintenance of home appliances, swimming pools and plantation. Moreover, it will also provide cleaning services, car hire, chef hire, and driver hire and maid services. Key holding and Airport pick and drop are other additional services.