AL makkah city islamabad

al makkah city islamabad


Al Makkah City is a high-end residential development in Islamabad near the New Islamabad International Airport. This contemporary community is destined to become a focal point for amenities of worldwide standing. Its goal is to present you with the kind of living experience you’ve been yearning for all your life. This location will be unrivaled in real estate development because of the perfect combination of great architectural marvel and modern master planning.

Rawalpindi’s Al Makkah City is situated in the most convenient part of the city. In addition to having easy and uninterrupted access from Motorway M2, it is located on the main route in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. This home development has a substantial advantage over other residential products due to its excellent location in Makkah. It perfectly meets the needs of the locals who commute daily.

Pak Builders & Marketing (PVT) Limited is developing Al Makkah City Islamabad. This company aspires to establish a cutting-edge and state-of-the-art residential venture. Al Makkah City has been planned following the requirements of the present day. All of the facilities that meet international standards are concentrated in this area.

Al Makkah City MASTER PLAN

It’s a thoughtfully designed neighborhood. Al Makkah City Master Plan is broken down into five sections. Playgrounds, green space, schools, and a commercial center are all included in each block.

Al Makkah City has 5365 residential plots in Block A, Block B, Block C, and Block D.

The following are the categories in which these are available:

Plots for housing: 5

Commercial Plots: 10 Marla x 1 Kanal

Farmhouses of 5 and 10 Marlas:

4 Kanal ,5 Kanal ,6 Kanal ,8 Kanal ,2 Kanal ,4 Kanal ,5 Kanal ,6 Kanal 8, Kanal 2, Kanal 4, Kanal 4 Kanal 5

Each block has its shopping district. Planning has been done for shopping malls, banks, and markets. Rawalpindi’s housing authority is unquestionably good. The society is crisscrossed with 60-foot-wide streets. The main highway is 120 feet wide, while the side roads are 100 feet wide. The organization has set aside land for a cemetery, playgrounds, mosques, theme parks, and other attractions.

The city of Al-Makkah offers a variety of residential plots (square feet) in various sizes, as follows:

  • 25 X 45 sq. ft.
  • 25 X 50 sq. ft.
  • 25 X 55 sq. ft.
  • 30 X 58 sq. ft.
  • 30 X 60 sq. ft.
  • 35 X 70 sq. ft.
  • 40 X 90 sq. ft.
  • 45 X 90 sq. ft.
  • 50 X 90 sq. ft.
  • 75 X 120 sq. ft.

Al Makkah City Islamabad Location

One of the best aspects that contributes to the high popularity of this project is its location in Al Makkah City. The actual site is on Chakri Road, the main thoroughfare through the city. It is only a five-minute drive from Service Area North on Motorway M2, Chakri.

Chakri Road’s upscale apartment complexes are just a few blocks away. It is situated directly across the street from the Qurtaba City neighborhood. A 15-minute drive will bring you to Blue World City and Capital Smart City, two other planned communities nearby. One of the best aspects that contributes to the high popularity of this project is its location in Al Makkah City. The actual site is on Chakri Road, the main thoroughfare through the city. It is only a five-minute drive from Service Area North on Motorway M2, Chakri.

Al Makkah City Islamabad NOC

The developer has applied for and received a legitimate NOC from the RDA, which provides them with excellent credibility and their first PP-1, which is the initial approval granted by the RDA.

Al Makkah City AMENITIES

Al Makkah City is indeed a high-end housing development. It aims to raise the level of living to meet the needs of the modern world, and it does so by providing a luxurious lifestyle you’ve always wanted. A high standard of quality control is upheld at every step of the process, from conceptualization to implementation.

A few of the most sought-after luxuries include the following.

  • E-tag Entry Babri Masjid Replica Entrance Gate Mosque
  • Infrastructural Developments
  • Protective Measures and Electronic Monitoring
  • CCTV cameras are constantly monitored around the clock.
  • Utility services can be provided beneath the ground.
  • Electricity, gas, and water are always available.
  • System of septic tanks in the earth
  • A water purification facility
  • Streetlights & Green Spaces
  • Graveyard Theme Parks & Fun Parks
  • Medical facilities and hospitals of the norm
  • Customary Across the Globe Shops like these are called “Super Marts.”
  • Restaurants and hotels.
  • Centers for the Purchase of Goods
  • Cinemas
  • A business setting

Al Makkah City Payment plan

Al Makkah City Residential Plots Payment Plan

Plot CategoryTotal PriceDown PaymentMonthly InstallmentEvery 6 Months
5 MARLA1,190,000120,00015,00043,750
10 MARLA2,100,000210,00030,00056,250
1 KANAL3,100,000310,00045,00078,750

Al Makkah City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Plot CategoryTotal PriceDown PaymentMonthly InstallmentEvery 6 Months
5 MARLA6,000,000600,00075,000225,000
10 MARLA12,000,0001,200,000150,000450,000

Facilities & Amenities in Al Makkah City, Islamabad

For a reasonable price, Al Makkah City Islamabad has all the modern conveniences and services you need. The amenities are an essential feature of any current, affluent community that might be considered a full-service residential development.

It has been decided to set aside a significant percentage of the area to develop green spaces, such as parks. Pakistan is commonly recognized as the wealthiest society in Islamabad due to its abundance of contemporary conveniences and luxury.

The primary objective of the landowners was to offer a safe and enjoyable living environment for their residents. As a result, a substantial piece of the site has been set aside for the primary theme park, where both children and adults can rest and unwind without worrying about anything.

The following are the amenities available to residents of Al Makkah City Islamabad:

  • The community will offer an eco-friendly lifestyle with all of today’s modern conveniences.
  • Grand Mosque: Society will take care of the citizens’ religious requirements as well. The developers are doing this by constructing a magnificent mosque called Jamia. An innovative mosque with the latest technology and architecture will be built here.
  • Societies have taken into mind the water requirements of their citizens. Residents will be able to access a large amount of water for their daily needs thanks to the development of water reservoirs. Aside from providing clean drinking water, filter plants will also be a part of society.
  • As a part of any civilization, the graveyard is crucial. Because death and dying are an inevitable part of life, locals may opt to bury their departed loved ones and pray for their success in the afterlife. There are other options as well, such as visiting a loved one’s grave.
  • The beacon of social life will be the community center, where residents may meet and socialize. They can join in the social events and have fun at the same time.
  • This community’s health facilities have been the developers have given this community’s health facilities special consideration cutting-edge international hospitals and clinics. Emergency services will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with doctors and nurses on standby to assist patients.
  • To ensure that students receive an education on par with that found in the best schools in the world. In order to provide students with the most education possible, the school’s teaching team will be highly qualified in their respective professions.
  • Residents of Al Makkah City place a high value on education, which is why the city’s administration has set aside significant territory for the construction of a world-class education construction developers have taken care of all of the residents’ economic and commercial needs. Because of this, society will establish a retail sector that is all-encompassing. All commercial needs can be met in these locations by the residents of the community.
  • A sense of security is essential in a housing community. The safety of a gated community is ensured. Incorporating CCTV cameras and other monitoring equipment into a comprehensive security system ensures the safety of everyone in the community. In addition, a barrier wall with a flawless mechanism will encircle the society, ensuring maximum security.
  • The roads and other infrastructure are constructed with the utmost professionalism and equipment to ensure the best possible development. The city’s principal thoroughfares and boulevards are large enough to give off a magnificent impression.

Rules to follow while purchasing or selling plots in Al Makkah City include the following:

The following are the procedures to be followed:

  1. Document Verification: Please make sure that all documentation is checked thoroughly and accurately to avoid any misunderstandings. Before entering into any real estate transaction, whether for purchase or sale, ensure that the developers have provided you with a valid NOC and approval paperwork that the appropriate authorities have approved. As a result, your documentation will be legitimate for any method used to provide customer satisfaction.
  2. Financial Stability: Before concluding any sale or purchase of the real estate, please confirm that your funds are sufficient to cover the property transaction costs. As a result, your purchase or sale will be completed without any difficulties.
  3. Property Inspections: Before making any purchases and confirming the paperwork’s validity, inspect the property to ensure that the written documents correspond to the plot specifications.
  4. Paperwork Requirement for Booking: Because The Property Guider values the relationship of trust and openness with our customers, we recommend that you inquire about the most recent documentation requirement for booking. Additionally, you can reserve residential and commercial plots in other housing developments, such as Blue World City, Discovery Gardens Islamabad, and Eighteen Islamabad.

When purchasing real estate in Al Makkah City, the following documentation is required:

  • Two photographs the size of a passport
  • NICOP is a service for an international clientele.
  • Your National Identity Card and two copies of it, as well as two copies of the ID card of your next-of-kin.

Why should one invest in the AL Makkah city Islamabad project?

The Advantages of Investing in Real Estate

Among other things, real estate investment is one of the most profitable companies to be involved in. This is because it offers a high rate of return on investment. However, it is essential to remember that it will only be profitable if it is carried out correctly.

You can reap significant financial rewards by investing in the Mall of Islamabad and the Florence Galleria. When investing in the real estate market, one can expect to reap various rewards. The following are some of the most significant advantages:

  1. Financial Security: If a person has an additional sum of money or an asset, and he wants to keep the value of that item high, the real estate sector is the sector that can do so while ensuring that the worth of the asset does not decline in value.
  2. Stable Income: With real estate investment, a person can immediately establish a consistent income stream. For example, one might purchase a piece of land and develop it, or one can purchase a piece of land and rent it out monthly or yearly. Not only that, but the rent grows by a certain percentage every year. Thus it is fair to conclude that it is becoming more stable rather than less stable.
  3. It’s manageable: Once an investment is completed, it’s not like it’s a live thing that needs to be cared for regularly. Visiting your property regularly to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands of encroachers will be the most you will have to worry about.
  4. When someone invests in real estate, they may be able to create passive income, such as rent, due to their investment. Investors purchase a constructed property or develop open land and then rent it out, providing a consistent revenue flow throughout the year, without disruption.
  5. Non-depreciable asset: Real estate investment is a type of company that, if done correctly, can never lose its worth. Every year, the value of real estate continues to rise. Furthermore, if a large government or private project is initiated in the immediate vicinity, the property’s value may skyrocket.


Located in the center of Chakri, Al Makkah City is far closer to the Chakri Interchange than the majority of other societies, making it a highly desirable position. With the ring road in full swing and easy access to all main attractions from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the majority of the most interesting locations will be within a 45-1 hour driving distance.

The developer, Pak Builders & Marketing (PVT) Limited, is a relatively new developer; nonetheless, the team includes members who are quite knowledgeable about the creation and sustainability of societies in general.

Moreover, the developer has applied for and received a legitimate NOC, the specifics of which can be seen in the NOC section above. A high level of interest is being generated among investors and genuine buyers alike due to the competitive pricing being offered. On the other hand, the installment plan makes it a highly attractive option for both dwelling and investing purposes, making it a very profitable investment possibility.

If you consider investing in this community, we strongly advise you to look into the Commercial Plots and Farmhouses, both available. Because of their limited availability and low cost compared to the surrounding area, they are expected to appreciate over time.

Shortly said, it is a nice property with a fantastic location and a reasonable developer who is committed to ongoing construction and offering reasonable installment costs. In light of all of this, we’d like to give it an 8 out of 10.