Facilities and Infrastructure at Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Facilities and Infrastructure at Capital Smart City

In this Article We will Discuss About facilities and infrastructure at capital smart city Islamabad.


Mosques At Capital Smart City Islamabad  Religion is a significant part of our upbringing, our lifestyle and our spiritual cleansing. Keeping our lifestyles in mind, we have ensured a sufficient inclusion of mosques in our society. Capital Smart City Islamabad contains multiple mosques among which the major mosque is Jamia Mosque while there are other sector mosques as well. The purpose is to offer religious freedom to the majority of our public. This way, everyone has complete access to a religious space where they can practice religion as per their needs. Beautifully constructed and well-maintained, our mosques are an epitome of solitude, spirituality and gratitude. This is where everyone can come to pray and spend some time.

Holiday Park

Holiday Park At Capital Smart City The place to go for a holiday is also right next to you! This park comprises of a bird park and a theme part. The holiday resort will keep you as relaxed as you could never be at home. There’s also one thing that no other holiday resort has to offer: a food truck park. You can get almost anything you want to eat and at the cheapest of rates. There’s only food trucks. They can’t charge for service or electricity or giving you a place to sit. You only have to pay for the food and find a nice spot to sit. The food’s also really nice with chances of retail too.

Healthcare City

Health Facilities at Capital Smart City This is heaven for doctors and nurses. You can get a career in medicine if you’re looking for one. This place is hospitals, clinics and laboratories in its entirety. If you’re sick and can’t find a cure, come here. If you’re a doctor not recognized for all your hard work, get here fast. This place needs doctors to run the place. There’s a lot of sickness throughout the world but not enough people to take care of it. Spreading cures and keeping illnesses at bay is our mission.

Education City

Education Facilites at Capital Smart City Quality education is what can take a nation from oblivion to challenge the whole world. Education is as important for a people as anything else. It is the way of reaching an exalted place in life. Equipped with teachers at all levels of education this city aims to become a center of knowledge and wisdom. Education has changed the way man sees this world and lives in it. It is what sets standards and gives way to innovation and technology. Technology is what no one can live without now. Everyone needs the latest gadget to get his/her work done as fast and as efficiently as possible. This city houses education of all levels from schools to universities. There’s also day care centers and medical colleges.

BRT System

BRT System at Capital Smart City Facilities here are countless and undeniable luxurious. Apart from providing the best living conditions, the town offers transport facilities which are undoubtedly comfortable, efficient and cost effective. The BRT System in the society has a number of transportation facilities for everyone to choose from. There are public and bus transport stations for people to travel long distances without worrying too much about the costs. There are bus lines for hundreds of people to transport at the same time, on the same route. What’s best about this transportation facility is its high end maintenance and sustenance. From hygiene to locomotion, everything is kept top-notch.


Infrastructure at Capital Smart City This residential project has been isolated from the outer world in order to offer tranquility and sustenance in lifestyle of everyone. This is where the everyone is treated equally and given an equal opportunity at life. There’s a 350 ft wide boulevard for easy and efficient traveling. The society has been isolated by using gates for entry and exists. Everyone is supposed to use the same gates and have an easy entry and exit at any time. This is a place where a dedicated urban lifestyle is conserved. From offering education and religious facilities to road networking and fitness tracks, you will find everything you’ll looking for.

Garden Parks

Garden and Parks Facilities at Capital Smart City Despite living in an urbanized situation, everyone needs involvement of nature in their lives. Ensuring there is sufficient greenery and landscape, Capital Smart City facilities include a multitude of gardens. There are linear, heritage as well as flower gardens. You can turn back to nature without traveling to an offshore area. Flower gardens offer fragrances that are always a surprise. Linear gardens are a cost-effective mode of preserving the natural habitat without taking too much space. And heritage gardens keep us connected to our roots. This city is definitely a place that makes sure you live in a nature-friendly environment where everything is safe for you and your family.

Urban utilities

Urban Utilites at Capital Smart City Capital Smart City has a multitude of urban utilities fit for all families and couples. The society has gotten all areas covered; whether you talk about healthcare, religious, entertainment, fitness or even education. There is a solid waste management system which works within the society, ensuring there is minimal litter and solid waste dumping accumulated from here. There is a portable water treatment plant which ensures clean and sufficient provision of water in all homes. From a sustainable irrigation system to a strong sewage system, there is nothing the society does not work upon. There is a separate criminal justice system that takes care of the defense within the society and a police station providing sufficient security.

Smart City Facilities

Capital Smart City Facilities This housing society manages an urban lifestyle for people who want to continue living in Pakistan without facing the usual worries associated with the country. A load-shedding free environment, an automated air conditioning ambiance, a hassle-free and automated traffic system, and automated criminal defense system are a few assured facilities within the society. We have provided electric bikes to all the people living here so they are able to commute without damaging the environment or spending too much on their travel. Keeping the crime rate minimal and focusing on the provision of quality services, this society has been made with nothing but care for the people.